Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

The new Raman spectrometer brings simplicity to Raman measurements without compromising the ability to handle even the most complex samples. Its compact and robust design, including Class 1* laser safety means it’s safe for use in most environments, from undergraduate teaching labs to industrial QC applications.
Compact and robust design
User-friendly interface
Flexible sample handling
Best in class sensitivity
Safe operation



Best in Class Sensitivity

Versatile Design

Compact and Rugged

Simple and Safe

Industry-leading LabSpec Software

Wavelength785 nm
Laser Power7 mW – 450 mW
Laser SafetyClass 1, internal sample compartment; Class 3b, external probe
Dispersion (nm mm¯¹)10.3
Spectrograph f/#3.3
Spectrograph Focal Length115 mm
Spectral Range100 – 3400 cm-1 (Stokes)
Detector TypeSyncerity Back illuminated NIR CCD
Sensor Size2048 x 70
Pixel size13 µm
Detector cooling-50°C
Dynamic Range42,550:1
CCD Dark Current (e-/pixel/s)0.05
Spectral Resolution8 cm-1 at 914 nm
Dimensions  (W x D x H)432 mm (17”) x 432 mm (17”) x 381 mm (15”)
Weight45 lbs (20.4 kg)
Power SupplyUniversal AC single-phase input power; 100-240 V AC; line frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Ambient Temperature Range15 – 30°C (59 – 86°F)
Maximum Relative Humidity75%
FusesOne 5 x 20 mm IEC approved, 2.0 A, 250 V, time delay fuse
Operating SystemWindows 7 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Designed to teach some of the most important concepts in Raman spectroscopy, such as identification, quantification, and vibrational chemistry.
Applications in many fields: chemistry, biology, geology, pharmacy, forensics, environmental testing, materials science, cultural artifacts, failure analysis….
+ The benchtop Raman spectrometer with remote BallProbe® is used to quickly identify plastics used in various gillnet samples. Raman spectroscopy is demonstrated to be an excellent technique for identifying not only different types of polymers, but also different variants within a polymer class and additives including pigments.

HPLC Flow Cell
Standard Quartz CuvetteVolume: 4ml
10 mm × 10 mm in cross-section
Reduced Volume Cuvette and AdapterReduced volume cuvettes are available in 250 µL or 500 µL volumes
Fused Silica CuvettePath length: 10-mm
Thermostatted Cuvette HolderThe Thermostatted Cuvette Holder keeps a sample at a constant temperature from  -20°C to +80°C.
Solid Sample Holder
Cuvette Holder
Temperature BathTemperature range: –20°C to +80°C
110V and 220V
External Probes

+ LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite provides an intuitive, powerful software platform for imaging and spectroscopy by Raman, photoluminescence (PL), cathodoluminescence (CL) and AFM-Raman. It offers complete and versatile functionality for acquisition, processing, analysis, and display of data, in addition to flexible automation solutions.
+ LabSpec 6 operates all components and accessories of systems, whatever the application: research, analytical, quality or process control. The power, versatility and flexibility of our hardware is matched by LabSpec 6’s ease of use and high-level functionality.
+ LabSpec 6 allows comprehensive system control, and advanced data acquisition/analysis routines, including fast mapping, kinetic studies, high throughput screening, programmed high temperature and high-pressure analysis.
+ LabSpec 6 Software is Enhanced for Regulatory Compliance by ensuring security and data integrity controls that enable compliant use microscopes within regulated laboratory environments.

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