Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Protein Analyzer

Fully automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit, with external titrator connection, for your analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein determination, nitrogen content (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction/Devarda), phenols, volatile acids, cyanides and alcohol content.

The automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit UDK can be connected to several models of external potentiometric titrators for direct output of the final result and offering choice and versatility to the user.

It enables the final result to be obtained directly with a considerable saving of time. All the parameters of distillation and titration phases are stored in the method with the advantage of time saving.

The high-precision pumps ensure constant accurate dosing of reagents. All the parameters concerning distillation and titration phases are easily programmable and stored in the archive on board the instrument, to be then downloaded via pen-drive or directly to PC for maximum management flexibility.



The UDK 149 is Automatic Distillation Unit

The UDK 149 is a flexible solution for laboratories performing Kjeldahl distillation. UDK 149 can be connected to several external titrators models.

StructureCorrosion-resistant technopolymer
Delay Time (Devarda Alloy Analysis)0-99 min
Reproducibility (Rsd)≤ 1 %
Detection Limit≥ 0.1 mg N
Sodium Hydroxide AdditionAutomatic
Boric Acid AdditionAutomatic
Water Volume0 – 200 ml
Distillation TimeSettable
Steam Flow RegulationFrom 10 to 100 %
ConnectionsEthernet, 2 x USB, RS232 and TTL for PC, printer, titrator, mouse, pen drive
Power2100 W
Display3.5″ color touch screen
Protocol Library20 customizable methods
Recovery≥ 99.5 % at nitrogen levels between 1 and 200 mg N
Distillation Time3 minutes to collect 100 ml of distillate
Water AdditionAutomatic
Sodium Hydroxide Volume0 – 150 ml
Boric Acid Volume0 – 100 ml
Distillation Residues RemovalAutomatic
Tap Water ConsumptionFrom 0,5 l/min at 15 °C – from 1 l/min at 30 °C
On-Board Archive For Data StorageYes
Dimensions (Wxhxd)385x780x416 mm (15.2×30.7×16.4 in)
Weight27 kg / 59.5 lb

Automatic NaOH, H₂O and H₃BO₃ addition.
Steam regulation (10-100%).
Delay time (Devarda’s alloy analysis).
Automatic titration vessel washing.
20-program library.
Alkali resistant technopolymer housing.
Reagent level warning via sensors in tanks.
Selectable distillation time.
Distillation and titration residues removal.
Distillation in series for repetitive analysis.
Multiple languages selection.
Safety lever and sensors to protect the user.
Connection to external titrators supported.
Automatic Titration.
Real time volume dosing of the titrant.
Automatic cleaning and washing of the titrant solution vessel.
Titrations to pH, mV – endpoint (2 EP).
Titrations with dynamic or linear titration solution additions.
Maximum versatility.
Power Supply230V
Nitrogen / Protein on Food&Feed Samples
+ Animal feed and pet food: AOAC 984.13, EN ISO 5983-2 (AOAC 2001:11)
+ Beer (and its ingredients: barley, malt, wort): AOAC 920.53, AOAC 950.09
+ Bread and baked products: AOAC 950.36
+ Milk and derived products (including cheese): ISO-IDF 8968-1/20-1:2014, ISO 20483, ISO 8968-2, ISO 8968-3, ISO 8968-4
+ Cereals and grains (wheat, oats, barley, corn, rice, rye, soy beans, lupins, etc.): AOAC 979.09 EN ISO 5983-2 (AOAC 2001:11)
+ Malt: AOAC 950.09
+ Meat and derived products (bacon, ham, salami, sausage, liver patè, etc.): ISO 937 (AOAC 981.10)
+ Nuts and nut products (almonds, coconuts, peanuts, etc.): AOAC 950.48
+ Pasta (e.G. Macaroni, etc.): AOAC 930.25
+ Plants (vegetables, forage, straw, seeds, tea, etc.): AOAC 978.04
+ Yeast: AOAC 962.10
+ Oil seeds: EN ISO 5983-2 (AOAC 2001:11)
Nitrogen on Other Samples
+ Coal: ISO 333:1996
+ Fertilizers: AOAC 920.03
+ Lubricating oils and fuel oils: ASTM D3228-96
+ Paper and paperboard (gelatin, casein): TAPPI STD T418 05-61
+ Rubber, raw natural, and rubber latex: ISO 1656:1996
+ Soil: “Method of soil analysis” part 2 – Chemical and microbiological properties, 2 ed.
+ Urea: ISO 1592:1977
+ Water: AOAC 973.48
Other Applications
+ Alcohol determination: Reg. (CEE) 2870/2000, EBC 9.2.1
+ Cyanides in waste water: EPA 9010C
+ Nitric nitrogen on water after reduction (devarda method): ISO 10048:1991
+ Phenols in water, saline water, domestic and industrial wastes: EPA 9065; APAT CNR IRSA 5070
+ Total volatile basic nitrogen (tvbn) in fresh/frozen fish: Conway & Byrne Method (1933)
+ Urea and ammoniacal nitrogen in animal feed: AOAC 941.04
+ Volatile acidity of tomato paste: Reg. (CEE) 1764/86
+ Volatile acidity of wines: Reg. (CEE) 266/90
+ Sulphur: AOAC 962.16, AOAC 990.28

Acid pump kit UDK1X9 230V

Adapter USB-RS232

Alcoholic strength kit:

A 500 ml Kjeldahl balloon for the distillation of the sample

Connection kit KEM AT500-510

Connection kit Metrohm 848-877 RS232

Connection kit Metrohm 848-877 TTL


Connection kit Mettler DL50-53-55-58 TTL


Connection kit Mettler T50,70,90,G20 RS232


Connection kit Schott RS232

Glass splash head kit UDK

H2O tank for UDK or H20 and residue tank for FIWE Advance

H3BO3 tank with caps (UDK149,159,169)

IQ/OQ/PQ UDK149 Manual

Kit Mettler DL15-22-28,T50-70-90,G20 TTL

Kjeldahl balloon: 500 ml

NaOH tank with caps (UDK1X9)

PM Kit Full UDK149


PM Kit Regular UDK149




Residues tank with caps

Spacer for test tube: Ø48×260 mm

Test tube: Ø48×260 mm, 300 ml

Test tube : Ø50×300 mm, 400 ml

Test tube: Ø80×300 mm, 1000 ml

Test tubes : Ø26×300 mm, 100 ml, 6pcs/box

Test tubes : Ø42×300 mm, 250 ml, 3pcs/box

TITROLINE 5000 Automatic titrator

Tube connection: Ø26, Ø48, 500 ml balloon

User Kit UDK149

Vreceiver TKN Boric Acid Powder Formula with indicators


Waterproof mouse

Multitasking Software
The UDK 149 is a Kjeldahl automatic distiller equipped with a control panel with 3,5” high resolution colour touch-screen graphic display and easy to use multitasking software that guides the operator step by step through menus and sub-menus. Easy to read and practical with all the most important parameters available at a single glance, the multitasking software enables the operator to set all the parameters for a fully automatic distillation and titration processes.
+ Excellent usability
+ Multitasking software on a bright screen
+ Flexible, versatile and multi-language
+ Intuitive data entry and programming, very easy to upgrade
+ Unlimited library with all the analyses performed
+ Data export in .xls, .txt, .csv (according to LIMS) also on USB key
+ Direct access to the archive from remote PC in real-time without any download

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