CrossinG – Cross Domain Solution (CDS)

CrossinG® makes it possible to manage data flows and to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of exchanges between two information systems. High-level network partitioning and advanced processing of incoming and outgoing data flows prevents the risk of an attack spreading from one network to another and also provides protection against harmful content injection and data leaks.



Software protocol break

Antiviral control

File signature and/or hash control

File types whitelisting (MIME + extension)

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)
– File formats authenticity and conformity verification (executable contents, ill-formed files, hidden active charges)
– File neutralization via automated file conversion of text, PDF, Office and image files

CrossinG® combines with sanitizing, filtering and partitioning mechanisms allowing to
+ Verify the safety of incoming files and protect your network from malicious contents
+Filter outgoing files and prevent data leakage
+Confine a lateral spread attack (e.g. WannaCry) and limit systemic risk
+Block any remote control of a system, machine or sensor by an attacker

Simply monitor and decide what goes in and out of your networks
Configurable in mono- (diode) or bi-directional mode, CrossinG® allows to customize a specific security policy according to the flow direction so as you can decide to authorize certain files only or even forbid outgoing or incoming files at any time.
CrossinG® also ensures traceability of all transfers.


Industry 4.0: IOT
Sensor signal reporting to a management system
Audiovisual applications: Protection of multimedia file exchanges by media organisations
Administration networks:  Third-party exchange systems for secure information system administration (ANSSI – PA022)
Database backups: Partition-based backup protection

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