Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrophotometer

This model is a compact Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer that is housed within an elegant form.
The interferometer is continuously optimized by a dynamic alignment mechanism, and a built-in auto dryer helps ensure ease of maintenance. It offers the high S/N ratio (30,000:1, 1-minute accumulation, neighborhood of 2,100 cm−1, peak-to-peak), a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm−1, and compact dimensions. Furthermore, the high-performance LabSolutions IR software, which emphasizes operability, and analysis support programs make it easier to perform data processing and analysis.



Surpassing General-Purpose Instruments in Sensitivity and Performance
+ Highest S/N Ratio in Its Class: 30,000:1
+ Highly Stable Interferometer Achieved with Dynamic Alignment Mechanism
+ Dynamic Alignment Mechanism (JPN patent No. 3613171)

Ease of Maintenance Ensured by Built-in Auto Dryer
+ Measures Taken to Protect the Optical Element in the Interferometer
+ Principle of the Auto Dryer

Increased Reliability Achieved by Instrument Monitoring
+ Sequential Display of Diagnostic Results
+ Validation Program

New Generation of Workstation

InterferometerMichelson interferometer (30° incident angle)
Equipped with dynamic alignment system
Sealed interferometer with auto dryer
Beam splitterGermanium-coated KBr
Light sourceHigh-energy ceramic light source
DetectorDLATGS detector equipped with temperature control mechanism
Wavenumber range7,800 to 350 cm−1
Resolution0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 cm−1
Mirror speed4-step selection of 2.0, 2.8, 5, or 9 mm/sec
Data samplingHe–Ne laser
Sample compartmentEquipped with automatic accessory recognition mechanism
W200 × D230 × H170 mm
Center focus
DimesionsW514 × D606 × H273 mm
Weight35 kg
Power requirementsAC 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Power consumption150 VA (when used), 4 VA (standby)

+ Material identication tests
+ Analysis of contaminant
+ Failure analysis

Food Products
+ Raw material identication tests
+ Packaging material identication tests
+ Analysis of contaminant

+ Qualitative analysis of thin films on metal plates
+ Analysis and thickness measurement of thin films
+ Analysis of contaminant

Chemicals and Polymers
+ Raw material identication tests
+ Qualitative analysis of plastics and rubber
+ Identication of functional groups of synthetic products
+ Analysis of surface preparation agents
+ Analysis and thickness measurement of thin films
+ Analysis of catalysts
+ Analysis of paints and coatings
+ Analysis of contaminant
Quantitative analysis

+ Raw material identication tests
+ Identication of functional groups of synthetic products
+ Identication of functional groups of natural products
+ Analysis of contaminant

Electricity, Electronics, and Semiconductors
+ Thickness measurement of epitaxial films
+ Quantitative analysis of interstitial oxygen and substituted carbon
+ Quantitative analysis of phosphorus and boron in BPGS
+ Quantitative analysis of hydrogen concentration in nitride film
+ Quantitative analysis of hydrogen concentration in amorphous silicon
+ Detection of brominated flame retardants
+ Analysis of thin films
+ Analysis of contaminant
+ Failure analysis
+ Analysis of semiconductor gases

+ Material identication tests
+ Degradation analysis of coatings”

+ Material identication tests
+ Analysis of contaminant
+ Failure analysis

MIRacle 10
(P/N 206-74127-XX)

GladiATR 10
(P/N 206-74128-91)

(P/N 206-74126-91)

(P/N 206-62301-58)

(P/N 206-62304-91)

(P/N 206-62302-91)

(P/N 206-62303-91)

5-cm Gas Cell (P/N 202-32006-XX)
10-cm Gas Cell (P/N 202-32007-XX)

Long-Path Gas Cell

ASC-8000T (P/N 206-63900)

DRS-8010ASC (P/N 206-62308)

Sample Switcher 21 (P/N 206-63663-92)

Infrared Microscope AIM-9000 (P/N 206-32000-58 (Narrow band MCT))

ATR Objective (Ge prism: P/N 206-32600-41)

Mapping Program (AIMsolution) (P/N 206-32936-41)

LabSolutions IR Software
OS: Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit edition
Interface: USB 2.0
Programs: Postrun, Spectrum, Quantitation, Photometric
Manipulation functions: Four Arithmetic Operations, Normalize, Zero Baseline Correction, 3 Point Baseline Correction, Multipoint Baseline Correction, Smoothing, Derivative, Cut, Connect, Reduce, Interpolate, Frequency Convert, X Adjust, Time-Temperature Conversion, Peak Pick, Film Thickness, Data Calculation,…

Search functions: Spectrum search (based on similarity), peak search, text search, combination search,
setting of search conditions, search of user library
and commercial library, creation of user library”
Quantitative functions: Multi-point calibration curve method, CLS quantitative method, PLS quantitative method (option), Photometrics, Recalculation function for quantitative and photometric results.
Printing functions: Report template creation, Printing using report templates, Easy printing using the ViewPrint function (patent pending)
Validation program: Complies with Chinese, European, US, and Japanese Pharmacopoeias and ASTM

GLP/GMP support:
+ Tree-structured audit trail function
+ Recording of operation logs and data logs (history)
+ Saving by overwriting the same filename is prohibited”
File formats: Files of JCAMP-DX, ASCII, CSV, IRsolution, HYPER-IR can be loaded and saved.

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