Heating cleaning bath “Ultrasions HD”-Model 3000865



Digital electronic regulation of temperature and time for temperatures from ambient +5ºc till 80ºc

Optimum cleaning efficiency

Capacity5 litres
Height/Width/Depth (usable)15/24/14 cm
Height/Width/Depth (exterior)27/31/18 cm
Generat power120 W
Power total75 W
Weight3,8 Kg

Double body container, completely made of stainless steel and with waste drain device.
Illuminated main switch.
Start-stop push button.
Increase/decrease time push button in minutes (from 0’ to 60’).
Increase/decrease temperature push button in ºC.
Power SupplySingle phase 230V ±10% 50 Hz.
Three phase 230/400V ± 10% 50 Hz.
Single phase 110V ±10% 60 Hz. (on demand).
Operating temperature20◦C
Laboratories in general: acceleration of chemical reactions, degassing of liquids,cell disruption, cleaning of sieves, pipettes, micro-pipettes, cuvettes, trays, viscometers, decomposition of radioactive substances, etc.
Dentistry: Cleaning of prosthesis, instruments, etc.
Optics: Cleaning of frames, lenses, and contact lenses, etc.
Universal basket
Small basket for small items
Lid with handle and drain device


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