ICP-OES Spectrometer

Scientific develops and manufactures high performance ICP-OES spectrometers for more than 35 years.
+ The new Ultima Expert provides high performance at affordable price for laboratories with challenging samples.
+ Ultima Expert integrates high efficiency Jobin Yvon optical design capable to achieve optimal performance for a large variety of sample types and matrices.
+ Ultima Expert is driven by the powerful Analyst software featuring a large variety of analytical functionalities for tailored control and analysis.
+ The robustness of the Ultima Expert makes it ideal for applications common to mining, chemicals manufacture, salt production, wear metals in oil analysis, petrochemical and metallurgical production.



Unique Plasma Torch Design for Most Versatile and Accurat Analyses

Powerful Software with advanced features

GeneratorRadio-frequency, solid-state 40.68 MHz, water-cooled
Spectral range160 – 800 nm
SpectrometerThermally stabilized, 1 meter focal length with 2400 g/mm grating used in the 1st and 2nd order
Resolution<5 pm for 160-320 nm and <10 pm for 320-800 nm.
Plasma torchFully demountable torch with 3 mm i.d. alumina injector and quartz tubes
Sample introductionConcentric glass nebulizer and glass cyclonic spray chamber, 3 channel peristaltic pump
Dimension (wxdxh)1696 x 698 x 604 mm
Weight205 kg (452 lb)

Corrosion resistant removable sample tray
Vertically fully demountable torch with quick release system
1 meter focal length high resolution spectrometer
Spacious plasma compartment
Built-in 3 channels peristaltic pump and external sample introduction system for facilitated access
Power SupplySingle phase, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 4 kVA
Environmental20 to 80 % humidity, 18-24°C at ± 2°C
Argon99.995 % purity
Nitrogen160 to 190 nm, 99.999 % purity
120 to 160 nm, 99.9995 % purity
Exhaust250 m3/h (150 cfm)

Analytical Chemistry in Chemicals
Wine and must analysis with ICP-OES
Quantitative Analysis of Soil Extracts with ICP-OES.
Waste Water and Soil Analysis
Repeatability of Traces and Major Elements in Water
Analysis of Lubricating Oils using ICP-OES.pdf
Wear metals and additive Elements Analysis.

Autosampler AS-500 with optional rinse station

Argon humidifier

Introduction system kits for improved performance (small volume, organics, Hydrofluoric acid, high total dissolved solids)

Concomitant Metals Analyzer

Oxygen kit for alkali elements in organics

Dual back-to-back gratings4320 g/mm and 2400 g/mm
Resolution: < 6pm for 160-450 nm and < 10 pm
for 450 – 800 nm
Far UV kitExtend measurement capability down to 120 nm

ICP Neo software for ICP-OES spectrometers is designed to facilitate method development, samples measurements and results management.
ICP Neo delivers powerful tools for samples measurement with new HDD mode integrated for standard measurement, advanced Quality Control Protocols and retrospective analysis with respect to the integrity of raw results to match with good laboratory practices requirements.

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