MobileSpeech® is a standalone speech recognition solution for mobile devices and embedded systems that allows easy interaction with the environment. Easily integrable on smartphones, tablets, PC and embedded platforms, MobileSpeech® requires no connection.



Index, search and analyze content from audio and video sources(TV/radio programs, conferences/meetings, telecommunications)

Detect phrases or keywords in the audio flow and directly access the relevant content

Find out who says what, when and in which language

Near real-time transcription (streaming)
Access to full text and metadata for full-text indexing
Detection of key words or phrases
Direct access to desired content with word-level time coding
Daily update of language model and dictionary

Adopting a modular approach, Bertin IT provides its solution in either SaaS mode via our private
cloud, or else directly on your servers for superior confidentiality.

Media monitoring: Automatically detect keywords in radio and TV broadcasts
 Contact centers: Optimise your operational performance and enhance your customer intelligence
Bank/trading floor: Monitor recorded conversations and enhance your process compliance
ChatBot: Transcribe calls in real-time to enhance Customer Experience

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