Phoenix Quadro

Finds every leak. Now with an even finer nose.
The new generation of leak detectors. Where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind.
The new PHOENIX leak detector really wins you over with its outstand- ing accuracy, great per- formance and ease of use. It’s a leak detector that you enjoy working with – because it’s intuitive and gets you every leak



A new degree of precision

A new level of speed

A new dimension of comfort and choice

A touch easier to control

No fuss: easy login

Extremely sensitive

Dozens of applications

Smallest detectable helium leak rate
Vacuum operation≤ 5  x 10-12 mbar · l · s-1
Sniffer mode< 1 x 10-9  mbar · l · s-1
Smallest detectable hydrogen leak rate
Vacuum operation≤ 1 x 10-8 mbar · l · s-1
Sniffer mode1 x 10-7 mbar · l · s-1
Units of measurement (selectable)
Pressurembar, Pa, atm, Torr
Leak ratembar · l · s-1, Pa · m3 · s-1, Torr · l · s-1, atm · cc · sec-1, sft3/yr
Sniffer modeppm, g/a eq, oz/yr eq
Leak rate display area
Max. inlet pressure15 mbar
with partial flow pump set1000 mbar
Pumping speed during evacuation process ( 50 Hz)2.5 m3 · h-1
 Helium pumping speed in vacuum mode
GROSS Modus0.4 l/s
FINE Modus1.2 l/s
ULTRA Modus> 3.1 l/s
Time constant of the leak signal (blank flanged, 63% of the final value)< 1 s
Run-up time (after switching on)≤ 110
Inlet flangeDN 25 ISO-KF
Available languagesEnglish, German, Chinese, Japanese (Katakana), Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish
Height x Width x Depth495 x 475 x 319 mm
Weight45 kg

A new degree of precision
Whether you are in a research lab, or production of high-class goods, quality depends on how accurately you detect deviations. Now, help is at hand: the new PHOENIX generation delivers the highest helium sensitivity for unbeatable reliability and stability.
A new level of speed
If you are looking to accelerate the leak test of your system or speed up quality control in manufacturing, time is of the essence. The new PHOENIX leak detectors feature an improved measure- ment system with faster response times than ever before.
A new dimension of comfort and choice
The new PHOENIX offers a choice of three models, so you are sure to find the right leak detector for your needs, with simple operation, integrated touch- screen and Wi-Fi options. New software functions let you add an external display to monitor and run measurements from anywhere for added flexibility. And thanks to internal and external data logging, no measured value is ever lost.
A touch easier
Say goodbye to complicated menus on illegible displays. The new PHOENIX has state-of-the-art multicolored touchscreens with an intuitive menu structure. Hello, ease of use!
Extremely sensitive
All PHOENIX leak detectors feature an improved measurement system, with a new ULTRA mode for excellent helium sensitivity. Even the smallest leaks can be detected rapidly. The result: faster response times than ever before.
Compact systems enable optimum use of available space
High mobility and flexibility
Easy and intuitive operation Intelligent reminders and convenient data logging options
Change easily between different users: Set up user profiles and log in quickly
Change easily between different ex- periments: Create the test set-up and save up to 10 parameter sets
Easy data analysis and documenta- tion using a variety of interfaces
The PHOENIX offers all the necessary connections for ac- cessories including the sniffer line or the partial flow system. Furthermore, it has easily accessible USB ports and ad- ditional controlling interfaces
We offer a range of interface modules that offer suitable communication standards for different needs. Chose between an I/O module, Profibus®, Profinet®, Devicenet® or Ethernet/IP.
The PHOENIX line has an improved service and mainte- nance concept. The filter can be changed from the outside, without removing the cover. This lets you save time and focus on your measurements!
Power Supply
Power Voltage:100 – 220V , 50 Hz
Research & Development
Universities and institutes Research centers
R&D equipment manufacturing
Industrial systems and machinery
Industrial furnaces
Electrical industry
Analytical instruments
Food and packaging
Medical devices
Automotive and aviation
Semiconductor fabrication
Flat panel display
Phoenix Quadro – wet versionused to the Trivac pump
Phoenix Quadro – Dry versionused to the Dry vacuum pump

Transport Case PHOENIX Quadro
RC 310 wire or Wifi
S-TL 4, with helium gas reservoir
Helium sniffer line with rigid sniffer tip

Soffware is intergrated

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