Roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments RONDCOM NEX SD

Top class high accuracy roundness cylindrical profile measuring instrument
Roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments helping to accelerate labor saving
Hassle-free measurement of any workpiece thanks to a rich lineup, myriad of functions, and excellent labor-saving options



Extremely high accuracy

Opposed diameter measuring function

R-axis taper following function

Offset CNC detector holder
RONDCOM NEX 300 system standard accessory

Continuous measurement of multiple workpieces/locations with no changeover

Can be freely attached, removed,and capable of being retrofitted

ModelRONDCOM NEX 200 SD 11
CNC measuring program ACCTee
Detector E-DT-R120A Measuring foce 30~100mN
Stylus stroke 2.6mm Rectilinear rang ±1000μm
Stylus EM46000-S302 D1.6 L53mm
Manual detector holder unit E-DH-A845A
Max measuring diameter :  OD φ300mm / ID φ360mm
Maximum load of workpice φ580mm
Max measuring height300mm
Teble OD φ235mm
Manual Centering range ±5mm Tilting range ±1mm
Maximum load 30Kg
Rotational accuracy : Radial direction (0.02+3.2H/10000)μm
Rotational accuracy : Axial direction (0.02+3.2R/10000)μm
Desktop PC integreted model ×1set
Interface unit and Control panelInterface unit and Control panel
Master ball Master ball E-MG-R01B
Block gages 1.47mm & 1.49mm
Lubrication oill 20c㎥
Air regulator with dust separaterAir regulator with dust separater
Instruction manual English
Inspection report 1
Power Supply (Voltage) 220/240V ±10%

Power supply AC100 to 240, 50/60 (grounding required)
Air supply0.35 to 0.7 Mpa
Operating environment (℃)20±2

– Quality control, mapping and shaping in the production of aircraft and aviation vehicles
– Quality control, mapping and shaping in automobile manufacturing
– Quality control, mapping and shaping in electronics manufacturing
– Quality inspection, mapping and shaping in the energy industry
– Quality control, mapping and shaping in medical device manufacturing
– Quality control, fitting and shaping in other manufacturing industries

Main Machine
Connection accsessories
Printer A4 color 
System rack RAC-EC18
Anti-Vibration Stand E-VR-R16D 
Scroll chuck E-WJ-R01C 
Refringerating Air Dryer AC200V 


Features: Our newly developed ACCTee software represents the next generation of integrated TiMS software. Based on a new concept in measurement that combines document-based measurement and analysis with leading-edge operability and an intuitive work environment, ACCTee makes all operations available in the document (measurement result sheet), and enables all data and information to be saved with related data . Setting wizards simplify instrument setup and configuration, making it possible for anyone to easily perform a variety of measurement and analysis tasks, optimizing throughput and performance. This is the “”All in the Document””, next generation integrated software, ACCTee.
CCTee is equipped with a Windows style user interface that is easy for anyone to understand and use. User-friendly and intuitive icons guide you through a series of operations from measurement to the printing of analysis results.

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