Trivac D 2.5 E

The TRIVAC E pump is an oil sealed vacuum pump operating according to the rotary vane principle . Oil which is injected into the pump chamber is used for sealing, lubrication and cool- ing purposes



Highly reliable

Small and compact

Quiet operation

Environmentally compatible (low oil consumption, EMI compatible, IP 54 protection)

Process quality (low backstreaming of oil)

Motor for all standard supply voltages and frequencies

Safe and intelligent vacuum protection (hermetically sealed)

Free of yellow metals

Compliance with international stand- ards (CE)

Suitable for continuous operation at 1000 mbar (750 Torr)

Low power consumption

Better individual performance given by 3 stage gas ballast device

High water vapor tolerance

Simplified customizing ability

Nominal pumping speed m3/h (cfm)3 .2 (1 .9)
Pumping speed m3/h (cfm)2 .7 (1 .6)
Ultimate partial pressure without gas ballast 1) mbar (Torr≤ 5 x 10-4 (≤ 3 .8 x 10-4)
Ultimate total (pressure without gas ballast 2) mbar (Torr)≤ 2 x 10-3 (≤ 1 .5 x 10-3)
Ultimate total (pressure with gas ballast Stage 2  mbar (Torr)≤ 3 x 10-2 (≤ 2 .3 x 10-2)
Oil filling, min . / max .l (qt)0 .4 / 0 .7 (0 .42 / 0 .74)
Noise level dB(A)≤ 47
Admissible ambient temperature°C (°F)+10 to +40 (+50 to +104)
Motor ratingW (HP)280 (0 .38)
Nominal speedrpm1400
Type of protection IP54
Weight (with oil filling)  kg (lbs)16 .1 (35 .4)
Connections (Intake and Exhaust) DN16 KF
Height x Width x Depth
Weight16 kg

Beyond the usual quality and reliability of the B series pumps, the TRIVAC E pump offers improvements in the area of quieter operation, smaller size and improved service-friendliness
The intake and exhaust ports are equipped with small flanges . Besides standard voltages and frequencies, Leybold offers world motors, which are specially required by OEMs .

Power Voltage:100 – 120 V, 200 – 240 V 50/60 Hz (without mains cord)

Mass and X-ray spectrometers
Electron beam microscopes
Leak detectors
Freeze-drying systems
Chemical and research labs
General vacuum engineering
Backing pump for high vacuum pump systems

TRIVAC E with 1 .8 m (6 ft .) long mains cord EURO version, 1-ph ., 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz;
Single phase world motor,100 – 120 V, 200 – 240 V 50/60 Hz (without mains cord)

Further variants upon request

Exhaust filter AF 8
Replacement filter elements FE 8 for AF 8 (pack of 5)
Manual oil return AR-M via gas ballast inlet (kit for AF 8-16)
Oil suction AR-V controlled by a solenoid valve via the gas ballast inlet (kit for AF 8-16)
Condensate trap AK 8
Oil drain tap (M 16 x 1 .5)
Oil drain kit (M 16 x 1 .5)

Connection components
Elbow (1x) DN 16 KF
Centering ring with O-ring (2x) DN 16 KF Clamping ring (2x) DN 16 KF

Spare parts
Maintenance kit 1
(oil demister, oil box seal)
Repair kit 1
(motor side sealing, shaft sealing ring, coupling sleeves, compression spring)”
Repair kit 2
(valves, oil demister, oil box seal)
Repair kit 3
(oil demister, sealing, wearing parts)

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