A Complete Solution to the Forensic Examination of Questioned Documents

An ideal instrument for the analysis and comparison of handwriting, signatures, photocopied and printed documents, banknotes, cheques and secure documents including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and breeder documents, the VSC80 provides a comprehensive suite of examination facilities within a compact yet powerful workstation.

Inspect documents
Inspect HD Images of Documents
Full HD video output up to x80 magnification

detect counterfeit documents
Identify Counterfeits and Reveal Alterations
UV-Visible-Infrared illumination with integral fluorescence filters, multi-angle, spot, flood, and transmitted light sources

Authenticate all Levels of Security Feature
Specialist multi-spectral illumination, MRZ, and embedded data decoders

QDE court report
Produce Court-Ready Evidence and Reports
Full casework management including image annotation and measurements



The latest instrument from foster+freeman, the VSC80 combines the experience gained during 40-years as the industry leader, with cutting-edge optics, electronics, and microprocessor technology.

Designed to meet the demands of contemporary document examination, providing functions for the ‘traditional’ examination of papers and inks as well as for the detection and decoding of modern security printing techniques, the VSC80 provides a complete solution to today’s questioned document examiner.

System Specification

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  • High sensitivity vis-IR sensitive camera with zoom lens
  • Full HD live video output
  • 13x camera filter module
IlluminationVisible-IR LED Illumination

  • Incident (Flood) Vis and IR LEDs
  • 21x multi-angled LED array
  • Twin Vis and IR side LEDs

Transmitted Illumination

  • Removeable LED module with UV-A, Vis, and IR light sources

Specialist Illumination

  • Incident UV-A, UV-B, UV-C
  • 10x LED spotlight
  • Coaxial light source
  • IR anti-Stokes
  • PC running VSC Suite software
  • Choice of monitor size
Power SupplyInput 110V/230V, 50/60Hz

Paper and Ink Examination

Multi-spectral ImagingVisibleInfrared
High-Magnificationx2 x8  x20x60x123
Print Quality AnalysisGenuineCounterfeit

Secure Document Examination

UV Activated FeaturesVisibleUV 365nm
Complex Print TechniquesFloodSide
Decode Embedded DataBarcodesLetterscreen
Contemporary Security FeaturesVisibleZoom

Optional Software Accessories
+ Security Documents Reference Database
+ Banknote Reference Database
+ Invisible information (IPI and ICI) decoder
+ LetterScreen++ Decoder

Optional Hardware Accessories
+ Portable Video Microscope & 5MP Camera
+ 3x Optical Zoom Microspectrometer
+ e-Passport Reader
+ 5MP External Camera
+ Padded Carry Case
+ DC to AC Power Adaptor

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