YXLON FF35 CT- High Resolution Industrial CT System for Small/Medium-Sized Parts Inspection

FF35 CT X-Ray System
YXLON FF35 CT is an innovative and versatile, high-resolution CT system for use in research and development as well as quality assurance.

The versatility is given by:
– Large inspection envelope of up to 510 mm x 600 mm (diameter x height, dependent on detector), variable focus-detector distance (approx. 500 mm to 1150 mm) and object transverse axis
– Single and dual-tube configuration: a nanofocus transmission tube and a microfocus directional tube selectable, In dual tube operation switchable without restart or readjustment
– Granite-based manipulation and Heidenhain linear and angular
encoders for metrology applications “
– DR functionality with digital filters like YXLON HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) for image enhancement and combined CT / DR inspection sequences
– Object tilt axis (optional)
– In total 6 to 8 axes, motorized loading door.
– System status LED bar fully integrated in the cabinet’s door
CT trajectories as HeliExtend (Helical CT), ScanExtend (horizontal field of view extension) and FlexCenter (virtual rotation axis) enhance the versatility even more”

Based on the innovative software platform YXLON “”Geminy”” FF35 CT offers a very high degree of usability:
– Easy operation by touch
– Inspection item manipulation via numeric input fields, slider or
gestures like at a smartphone”
– Easy creation of inspection sequences by graphic means of graphic symbols, drag and drop
– Integrated “Health Monitor”: numerical display or graphical history of various parameters of the installed system components : traffic light system with instructions for the user to, e.g., perform maintenance or adjustments
– IntelliGuard: automatic detection of the visible part shape and its consideration for intelligent collision protection enabling convenient and fast manipulation
– Remote Monitoring (optional) to check the scanning progress and proper functioning from a distance
– Different user roles with different access rights



FlexCenter (virtual rotation axis) what gives an incredible flexibility to the system.

double Helical CT Modus

Optional health monitor

Geminy. Our GUI makes the handling of such high-end CT systems much easier than our competitors. Normally for all competitors’ products at this level an operator with high skills is required. our case even an not expert is able to get very nice results

Intelligard automatic detection of the visible part shape and its consideration for intelligent collision protection enabling convenient and fast manipulation.

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ModelY.FXT 225.48 reflection tube
Maximum energy225 kV
Maximum power320 W
Detail visibility> 4 µm ( With JIMA IQI RT RC-02B)
TXIyes (true X-ray intensity, allowing a stable dose)
ModelY.FXT 190.61 transmission tube ( (optional / retrofittable)
Maximum energy190 kV
Maximum power80 W
Detail visibilityup to 150 nm ( With YXLON IQI for 2D at minimum focal spot size and HRP Target.)
TXIyes (true X-ray intensity, allowing a stable dose)

ModelYXLON Panel 4343 CT4  (recommended)
Active area432 mm x 432 mm
Pixel pitch150 µm
Pixel matrix2,880 x 2,880
Frame rateup to 15 Hz
ModelYXLON Panel 2530 (alternative)
Active area249 mm x 302 mm
Pixel pitch139 µm
Pixel matrix1,792 x 2,176
Frame rateup to 30 Hz

Manipulator/Inspection Part
FDD (Focus Detector Distance)~ 520 mm – 1170 mm
FOD (Focus Object Distance)~ 0 – 930 mm
Tilting axis (optional)+/- 30°
Tube pivot axismotorized
Loading doormotorized
Maximum part weight27 kg
Maximum part size~ 530 mm Ø x 800 mm height

CT – Trajectories and Scan Fields
Circular scan trajectoriescontinuous rotation ”QuickScan“
start/stop scan ”QualityScan“
Helical scan trajectoriesstandard ”HeliExtend”
dual ”HeliExtend Dual”
Scan extension1.8 times horizontal extension,
vertical extension, combination
Further trajectoriesvirtual rotation axis ”FlexCenter“
CT field of view, std. circular scan~ 325 mm Ø x 270 mm height
CT field of view, hor. Extended~ 510 mm Ø x 190 mm height
CT field of view, maximum~ 510 mm Ø x 600 mm height

Width~ 2,960 mm
Height (w/o levelling wedges)~ 2,120 mm
Depth~ 1,590 mm
Weight~ 6,800 kg – ~ 6,900 kg
(single tube – dual tube)
Manipulator designGranite base, vibration isolation
with active level control, all axes
equipped with Heidenhain
length and angle encoders

Operator Desk
Width~ 1,800 mm
Height~ 700 mm – ~ 1,200 mm, motorized
Depth~ 800 mm
Weight~ 175 kg
Monitor2 pcs, capacitive touchscreen,
1920 x 1080 pixel, 21“, as well as
separate reconstruction and evaluation station with 27“ or 30“ monitor

Features, Optionssee as above, but without virtual
rotation axis “FlexCenter“
Air conditioning inside cabinetyes, temperature range referring
to VDI 2627 measuring
room quality class 3
Systems ambient conditionsMeasuring room quality class 4

Measuring accuracy MPE (SD)5.9 µm + L/75 [L=mm]
Features, Optionssee as above, but without virtual
rotation axis “FlexCenter“
Air conditioning inside cabinetyes, temperature range referring
to VDI 2627 measuring
room quality class 3
Systems ambient conditionsMeasuring room quality class 4
The YXLON FF35 CT computed tomography system is designed to achieve extremely precise inspection results for a wide range of applications. Available in a single or dual tube configuration, it is perfect for very small to medium-sized parts inspection in the automotive, electronics, aviation, and material science industries
The FF35 CT is a compact, high-resolution computed tomography system ideally suited for inspection of your small to medium-sized items such as:
 + Electronic components like SMD
+ Samples of new materials  (e. g. metal, plastics, CFRP)
+ Microsystems, MEMS, MOEMS
+ Medical devices like hollow needles/cannulas
+ Light-alloy castings
+Organic and geological samples
Air conditioning
The system air conditioning, required for operation as metrology system, ensures temperatures inside the cabinet acc. to measurement room quality class 3 acc. VDI 2627 (temperature change in 1 h max. 1.0 K and in 24 h max. 2.0 K). The heat exchanger is designed as external device with up to 5 meters connection length. Thus it can be placed outside the air conditioned measuring room and does not heat it up. Ambient condition for the heat exchanger is max. 25 °C.
Remote Monitor
With this functionality the user can access the status of the current inspection, its progress as well as the “health condition” from the distance. The user is informed automatically about system events. This option includes an unlimited software license to be installed on a PC, notebook or tablet. Requirements are Windows 7 OS or higher, 64bit.The inspection system has to be connected with a static IP address to the network.
ASTM E1695 Software Module
ASTM E1695 defines how to measure Spatial Resolution (SR) and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and provides an objective method to assess the quality of the measurement with CT. Functions of the YXLON ASTM E1695 software option are the determination of SR according ASTM E1695 as well as the determination of SNR
HeliExtend and HeliExtend Dual
The Helical CT scan method allows scans of vertically elongated parts. It ensures the same accuracy – even in top and bottom tomograms – as in central beam and avoid so-called “Feldkamp artifacts”.
Volume separation
The volume separation automatically splits a 3D-volume with multiple parts into volumes, each containing only a single part. As a result, it is possible to carry out more quickly macro-executed analyzes of the individual parts of the profile than with manual separation in e.g.VGStudio Max. The automatic numbering of the single volumes can be set to X, Y or Z direction.
SD Check Software Module referring to VDI/VDE 2630
With this software option an automated test sequence referring to  VDI/VDE 2630 with the YXLON ruby gauge (separate option) can be executed. The procedure is started with a single user interaction and results in a PDF which documents the deviation of the measured distances to the calibrated nominal values in a table as well as in a graphic. The history of SD measurements is conveniently available via the systems health monitor.
UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply
An uninterruptible power supply for PCs is included to avoid damages at the PCs, especiall their hard-drives and to ensure a safe shut-off. Power is 1000 VA or 1500 VA depending on the PC configuration.
YXLON NAS for Data Storage 
Network storage with 4 x HDD, 7200 rpm, 8 TB or larger, RAID 5 (24 TB usable, fail-safe up to 1 x HDD),
 2 x 1 Gbit / s LAN, 2 x USB 3.0.
Blu-ray Write
Mobile Blu-ray writer with USB 2.0 (3.0 compatible)
GOM Inspect Professiona
The GOM Inspect Professional is software for analyzing 3D measuring data from fringe projection or laser scanners, coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and CT systems.
 The GOM software is used in product development, quality control and production. In order to ensure precise measurement accuracy, GOM Inspect software packages have been tested and certified by PTB and NIST institutions
The accuracy of the evaluation software is tested by comparing the results from the  software with reference results.
 The GOM software has been placed in category 1, the category with the smallest measurement deviations.
 CT data generated by the FF20 / FF35 CT systems software is handed over automatically to GOM Inspect, including the execution of macros
Standard Filaments (20 pcs.)
Premium Grid Unit Set
The Premium Grid Unit Set contains a set of two professionally assembled ‘Grid Units’ (grid plus filament).
Thus the exchange of a filament is much quicker and easy to minimize the system downtime.
In parallel you receive a box  with two refurbished units.
Filter- und Collimator-Set for X-ray tube FXT 225.48
Pre-filter and collimator set for the directional beam tube YXLON FXT 225.48. The collimator has two rectangular openings and is suitable for the detectors YXLON Panel 2530 and 4343 CT with a focus-detector distance of > 600mm for Panel 2530 or > 800mm (both detectors).Matching pre-filters in Al (0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0mm), Cu (0.2 / 1.0 / 2.0mm) and Sn (1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0mm) materials are also scope of delivery. The filter and collimator holder can be selected in the collision protection model of the Geminy software.
Micro CT BarPattern NANO Phantom
The Micro CT BarPattern NANO Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in plane and axial spatial resolution of a high resolution Micro CT system in a direct visible manner.
YXLON VDI/VDE 2630 MPE check body
The YXLON VDI/VDE 2630 MPE check body is a tool to verify the specified MPE(SD). Its sphere distances are measured with a calibrated coordinate measurement system by an accredited measurement laboratory. The verification procedure is completely automated including the measurement of the distances. The values are plotted in a graph and a table.
ASTM E1695 Image Quality Indicator
The aluminum bars allow standards-compliant measurements of spatial and contrast resolution (MTF and CDF) to be performed according to ASTM-E1695. This allows you to check and document quickly and regularly whether the X-ray tube is set correctly and whether the detector shows signs of aging. The set includes rods with 5mm, 15mm and 25mm diameter.
Step wedge set for X-ray tube FXT 225.48
Step wedge set for optimized detector calibration with material in motion. The set consists of step wedges
The set consists of step wedges, each with 10 steps in aluminum (max. 30mm) and copper (max. 7.5mm)
HSK – High Precision Chuck
High Precision “HSK” (Hollow Shank Taper) chuck acc. DIN 69893, including a set of carbon sticks of 2 and 5 millimeter diameter
Geminy is YXLON’s new software platform. This common platform ensures a fast, smooth workflow through synergistic features and intensive tests for the highest stability. Updates for Geminy will be available on a regular basis, assuring the very latest in operational confidence

GEMINY Brochure


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