Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer EMIA pro

The model is based on widely expertise in Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology.
It offers improved the cleaning efficiency, enhanced user-friendly software, durability, operability and maintenance to ensure efficient measurements and its shortened cycle time accelerates your development and manufacturing speed.



Long Mean Time Between Maintenance

High Throughput

Fast & Easy Maintenance

Advanced Operation software

Required sample amount1g ± 0.1g
Typical Meas. time70 seconds/cycle
Meas. Range (m/m)1.6 ppm – 6.0%
Blank accuracyσn-1 ≦ 0.8 ppm
Meas. Range (m/m)2.0 ppm – 1.0%
Blank accuracyσn-1 ≦ 1.0 ppm
Sample meas. Accuracy
Carbonσn-1 ≦ 2.0 ppm
or RSD≦1.0%
Sulfurσn-1 ≦ 2.0 ppm
or RSD≦1.5%
Dimensions Main unit*500(W) x 725(D) x 710(H) mm
Mass Main unitapproximately 134 kg
Data processing and operationUSB data communication with PC Windows 8.1
Touch panel or Key board and mouse operation
Carrier gasOxygen
(Purity; 99.5%, Pressure; 0.3-0.33 MPa)
Operation gasNitrogen
(Purity; 99.5%, Pressure; 0.35-0.38 MPa)
Power supply200/220/240V, 50/60Hz, 5kVA
Quantitative analysis of carbon contained in bone substitute material
Quantitative analysis of carbon and sulfur in tires
Measurement of Carbon and Sulfur in Cement
Battery Evaluation in Electrical Equipment
Measurement of Sulfer in Rubber
Measurement of Carbon in Ferrosilicon
Quality Assurance for the Analysis of Steel by Gas Component Analysis
Sample Preparation and Sampling Methods for the Gas Analysis of Steel
Measurement of Carbon and Sulfur in Copper
Measurement of Carbon and Sulfur in Titanium Oxide
Carbon Analysis: Organic and Inorganic Carbon in Soils
Autosampler unit
Halogen trap unit

Advanced Operation software
+ Analysis Navigator
This function uses the recommended best measurement flow and operating condition based on our experience.
+ Troubleshooting Navigator
Automatic diagnosis system and troubleshooting navigator.
+ Maintenance Navigator
Periodic preventive maintenance work navigator by videos and photos.

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