Hardness tester FH 1

The FH 1 is an advanced Tinius Olsen hardness testing instrument. Capable of meeting or exceeding the applicable ASTM, ISO-EN, DIN, JIS standards, and more.
Traditional hardness testing systems use dead weight mechanical designs or spring force mechanisms to apply force. Often times these mechanisms can cause inaccuracy’s and/or wear over time. The FH 1 utilizes a closed loop load cell based technology with force feedback. This system constantly measures and controls the applied force on the indentation area.



Load cell, force feedback, closed loop system.

Unparalleled rigidity.

Unmatched gauge repeatability and reproducibility.

Load range 1kgf up to 250kgf (2.2lbf up to 551lbf).

Complies with all applicable EN/ISO, ASTM, and JIS standards.

Shape correction settings for curved surfaces.

Optical depth measuring system (Rockwell, HBT, HVT, ball indentation for plastic ISO 2039/1).

Full-colour multi-function touch screen userfriendly interface, easy to operate.

Large memory for measurements with statistic results.

Go/No Go function with visual and acoustic warning

Easy calibration function.

Testing program storage.

Standard nose cone clamping attachment.

Nine-pin serial and USB-2 outputs.

Built-on Vickers/Brinell microscope with LED light.

Work piece sliding table.

Large workpiece accommodation.

Motorized spindle (optional).

Tải ứng dụngCảm biến tải, phản hồi lực, hệ thống vòng kín
Thang đo độ cứng FH-1-4Rockwell / Superficial Rockwell, HVT, HBT,bi đầu đo cho nhựa ISO 2039/1
Thang đo độ cứng FH-1-5Rockwell / Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, HVT, HBT,  bi đầu đo cho nhựa ISO 2039/1
Phạm vi tải FH-11-250kgf (2.2-551lbf)
Tải thử nghiệm1, 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 10, 15, 15.625, 20, 30, 31.25, 45, 50, 60, 62.5, 100, 125, 150, 187.5, 250kgf (2.2, 4.4, 5.5, 5.51, 6.6, 11, 22, 33, 34, 44, 66, 69, 79,110,132, 138, 220, 276, 331, 413, 551lbf) tùy theo mẫu
Phạm vi kiểm tra BrinellHB1 / 2.5, 5, 10, 31.25kgf (5.5, 11, 22, 69lbf) HB2,5 / 6,25,15.625, 31,25, 62,5, 187,5kgf (14, 34, 69, 138, 413lbf) HB5 / 25, 62.5, 125kgf (55, 138, 276lbf) HB10 / 100kgf (220lbf), 10 / 250kgf HBT2,5 / 62,5, 187,5kgf (138, 413lbf)
Thang đo Rockwell A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V
Thang đo Rockwell bề mặt15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T, 45T, 15W, 30W, 45W, 15X, 30X, 45X, 15Y, 30Y, 45Y
Bi đầu đo cho nhựaĐạt hoặc vượt các yêu cầu của ISO 2039/1
Độ phân giải (độ sâu) 0,1 micron
Màn hìnhMàn hình cảm ứng công nghiệp màu 6.5in, kết quả kiểm tra, thống kê, cũng có thể được vận hành bằng chuột và bàn phím
Tiêu chuẩnTuân thủ hoặc vượt quá các tiêu chuẩn EN / ISO, ASTM và JIS
Chu kỳ kiểm traHoàn toàn tự động, tải, dừng, ngưng tải
Thời gian chờ1-99 giây
Dữ liệu đầu raUSB-2 (RS232), mạng ethernet RJ45
Chổ đặt mẫuChiều cao 300mm (11,81in), khe 200mm (7,87in)
Operating temperature range10-35°C (50-95°F)
Operating humidity range10-90% non-condensing
Weight96kg (211lb)
Power100V to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase

Hardness testers available that can rapidly and accurately determine the hardness value of a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, large parts, small precision parts
Hardness testers are widely used in many fields such as: manufacturing, quality control and engineering services.

Standard Accessories

● Brinell palm scanner II with LED backlight for dark field illumination of 0-1.7mm FoV (FH-1-5)
● Flat anvil, hardened, ø60mm (2.36in)
● V-anvil hardened ø80mm (3.6in)
● Fuse 3A slow (2 pcs)
● Power cable
● Certificate
● Installation and user manual
● Wireless mouse & keyboard

Options Accessories

● Certified hardness test blocks
● Certified indenters
● Long indenters
● Large testing table with T-slot
● Custom testing tables
● Precision vices, V-blocks, and special clamps
● Testing table, hardened, ø180mm (7.09in)
● Manual X-Y stage 100 x 60mm; micrometer travel 25 x 25mm
● Motorized spindle option
● Brinell palm scanner I, 1.5-6mm FoV

Horizon Software
Computer assisted data acquisition and machine control system which can be supplied with most Tinius Olsen testing equipment. The Horizon software package allows data to be collected, analyzed, graphed (where appropriate), and stored. If the testing machine allows, it can also provide control over testing operations.
Horizon has a comprehensive selection of pre-defined testing programs which includes powerful analysis of testing data, complex control, and sophisticated reporting. These programs can be modified and further enhanced to fit a customer’s particular requirements. The testing data collected by these programs may be exported to an outside source then later transferred to other data analysis systems. The Horizon databases may also be configured to be shared across several computers on a company’s network thereby allowing the testing programs and testing data to be utilized by multiple systems.
Using Horizon will make easy work of your materials testing, whether it’s designed for the demanding rigors of R&D or the charting and analysis functions of QC testing.

Key Features Overview

Advanced Machine Segment Control
Customizable Report Layout
Data Archiving and Backup
Data Exporting (Results/Limits/Statistics/Points)
Data Importing (Result Entries/Limits)
Data Stored with SQL Server Express
Formula Generation
Library of Pre-Defined Testing Programs
Method/Output Editor
Multiple Graphs/Reports for Output
Multiple Machine Controlled by one Horizon
Multiple Users
Networking Databases
Report Consolidation
RS232 Device Communication
Security Lockout Capability
Touchscreen Capability
Video Extensometer Capability

Test & Recall
The testing area allows for the viewing of live data from the machine while the test is being performed. Multiple tabs showcase the recalling of previous testing data as well as each testing machine connected to the software. Once a testing tab is created, it never has to be destroyed. When a new testing program needs to be run, simply change the Tab Options and load a new program. Each testing tab can be configured to display custom results, multiple graphs, multiple plots on a single graph, and live data (including custom formulas). Each tab may be customized to suite a user’s preferences.

Method/Output Editor
The testing program transferred from the Library may be customized for the customer in the Method and Output Editors. Create custom batch/sample identifiers for reporting and recalling purposes. Enhance the control of the machine with advanced machine segments. Automatically accept tests then print or email the report based on pre-defined limits. Customize multiple reports for various recipients. Import specimen data (such as dimensions or limits) from an outside file based on an identifier. Export results, limits, statistics, and/or curve points to an external file.

Custom Results
Methods transferred from the Library contain a number of results which have been standardized. In the Result Editor, however, custom result can be created. Such results can might be defined as entry type, a single point along a curve, a calculation between two points along a curve, a live source, or even a calculated formula. Depending upon how the result is created, it can be added to a testing panel to be viewed during the test or added to a report.

Library of Methods
A searchable database containing a variety of pre-defined testing routines. These methods are based on Standards from ASTM, ISO, EN, BS, DIN and many more. These routines include testing in tension, compression, flexure, torsion, melt index, heat distortion, hardness, impact, and more. Each method may be transferred into the user’s main database and customized with their own identifiers, units, report layouts, etc. With each new version update of Horizon, more and more routines are added to the Library.

Help Desk
Access to the tutorials which guide a user is various activities in the software.Displays details of the Software Key including items purchased. System Information displays valuable data regarding the software as well as the computer which it is installed upon. This guides the Tinius Olsen support staff when there are questions regarding system functionality. Please also note this page offers quick access to the Horizon QS program which will allow our Tinius Olsen support staff to take control of the computer when assistance is requested.

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