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The wet benches proposed can be:
Wet bench structures can be realized using different materials. According to used chemicals and/or to special customer’s requests. Types of plastics we used: PPS, PE, PVDF, FM 4910. In case of use of solvents, the wet bench structure will be made in electropolished stainless steelL SS 304, SS 316L. Other system parts will also comply with chemical used, to warrant: minimum contamination, system elevated life, safety.
Manual wet benches are usually employed in laboratories of simple processes, where repeatablility is not so strict and where an automatic unit won’t be exploitable in all its capabilities.

The manual version, according to working plan configuration, can be equipped with specific components, as per customer’s specifications.
+ Refilling: A wet bench chemical refilling can be done in different ways:
– Directly from CDS-BCS
– From bottle/canister refilling system, intergrated into wet bench
– From bottle/ canister refilling system, housed in a separate module
+ Hydraulic parts: water group components are the fundamental parts that compose a wet bench, because they must: transfer solution, filter, recycle, heat, chill, maintain the desired temperature, dosing chemicals.
+ Manual wet bench main components: valves, pumps, filters, heat exchangers and chillers, fittings, dosing sytems, working plan ( includes: spray-gun, tap, tank,…), general control.



Rinse, process and dryer tanks are designed and realized by SPM using only top performance materials and latest construction technologies.

Coverwhite PPS
Process tank 3 tanks (process tank: 2 units; glass beaker: 1 unit)
1 PP tank (sink type) with:
* Manual cover in PP
* Manual drain
* 1 goose neck tap for H2O DI
* 1 goose neck tap for hot H2O
200x200x250mm (LxDxH)
1 PVDF tank with:
* Localized exhaust
* Manual drain
* Manual cover
200x200x250mm (LxDxH)
Hot water circulator with pumpManufacturer: MRC/Israel -Model: WBH-100L
Magnetic stirrer Manufacturer: MRC/Israel- Model: GMH-5
 Double layer glass beakerManufacturer: Adam & Chitenden Scientific Glass/USA-Origin:USA


1 embedded spray gun for H2O DI
1 embedder spray gun  for N2
Additional safety tank with leakage sensor (hydric group area on the backside)
Piping system: under the equipment and the backside.
Led lamp for internal lighting
Exhaust: in the top bench, centralised exhaust system, with outlet connection Ø180mm with exhaust fan
The structure is duly supported from bottom by a fraim in anodized aluminium, with pivoting wheels for easier transport and level controls for correct positioning
 General control module with electric board, process timers, etc.for complete control of all parts.
Remaining working plan area free, will be drilled (PPS white colour)
Power Volt: 220V
Phase: Monophase
Power: 1W
Current: 1A
Frequency: 50/60Hz
N2Connection: F. NPT
Material: PP
Diam: 3/8”
Pressure Min: 3,5 BAR
Pressure Max: 4
DRAINSType: General drain
Material: PP
Connection: F.Gas
Diam: Ø3/4″
Type: Safety  drain
Material: PP
Connection: F.Gas
Diam: Ø1″
Type: Acid drain
Material: PP
Connection: F.Gas
Diam: Ø 1-1/4″
Material: PVDF
Connection: F.Gas
Diam: Ø1/2″
Fluid: Hot H2ODI
Material: PVDF
Connection: F.Gas
Diam: Ø1/2″
Connection type: PVC Flange
Diameter: Ø 180
Min rate (m3/h): 1500 m3/h
Max rate (m3/h): 2000 m3/h

– Semiconductor: Wafer/Mask processing and cleaning, equipment parts cleaning
– Photovoltaic: iso texturing, cells recycling
– Research Centers / Labs: Hood for laboratory, equipment parts cleaning, chemical processes

Connectors and piping
General control unit with PLC and touch screen Proface brand
UP/DW in motorized version
Semaphore unit at 4 colours with buzzer


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S.P.M. Special Plastic Module





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