Rotary Evaporator ROVA-100

This equipment for purification distillation test rotates and shapes a thin film in negative pressure conditions by heating, evaporating efficiently, and then condenses and recollects solvents to purify and separate.
The unit can be incorporated into a system device using: Vacuum Pump or Recirculating chiller.
Large digital LCD screen displays heating temperature, rotation speed and timing.
Speed range from 20 to 280 rpm.
Large 5L water-oil heating bath.



Adjustable final position recognition to protect operator and sample against breakage.

Heating bath with precise temperature control and adjustable safety circuit.

Patented condenser with excellent cooling effect.

Available with timer function to precise control processing
RS232 can control and doccument all parameters via RS232 interface (USB).

Easy to read large digital LCD screen displays heating temperature, rotation speed and timing.

Motor PrincipleDC brush less moto
Speed range (rpm)20-280
Speed displayLCD
Reversible Direction of RotationYes
Heating Temperature Range (ºC)RT-180
Heating Control Accuracy (ºC)±1
Heat Output (W)1300
Temperature DisplayLCD
Stroke (mm)150
Timer displayLCD
Time setting range (min)1-999
Permissible ambient temperature (C)5-40
Permissible relative humidity80%
Protection class ace. DIN EN60529IP20
Power1400 W
Overall Dimensions (D x W x Hmm)420 x 400 x 580
Weight (kg)20

Patented condenser with cooling surface 1,500 cm².
Chemical-resistant double PTFE system and patented pressure spring provide excellent sealing.
Motorized lift with quick-action, automatic release evaporating flask to top position in case of power failure.
Large 5L water-oil heating bath with heating temperature range of RT to 180°C.
Easy to read large digital LCD screen displays heating temperature, rotation speed and timing.
Designed a detachable operating panel allows remote control.
Voltage100-240 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz
The instrument is designed for distilling in schools,
laboratories or factories
Quick and gentle distillation of liquids
Evaporation of solutions and suspensions
Crystallisation, synthesis or cleaning of fine chemicals
Drying of powder and granulate material
Recycling of solvents
Glassware vertical1000ml

Evaporating flask, NS 29/3250ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml

Receiving flask, KS 35/20100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml

Spiders with 5 lfasks, NS 29/3250ml, 100ml

Connector, NS 29/32Size: 29×14, 29×19, 29×24

Foam brakeVolume: 250ml
Size: 29×29
Vapor tubeNS 29/32

Recirculating chiller, WBL-100Volume (L): 9
Type: Circulation, Cooled
Temperature Range (ºC): -30°C~100°C
Temperature Constancy (ºC): ±0.1
Weight (kg): 35
Power Consumption (W):1600

Vacuum pump, CVP-13-1Pump Speed: 0 mmHg 25 L/min, 100 mmHg 22 L/min, 200 mmHg 20 L/min, 300 mmHg 12 L/min, 400 mmHg 7.5 L/min, 550 mmHg 5 L/min
Suction Nozzle Size(mm): 8
Motor speed (rpm):1450
Weight (kg): 7
Noise (dB): 50


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