Solar Simulator UHE-NL-250

The UHE-NS and UHE-NL solar simulator series are class AAA and have turn key operation system. Due to their very high efficiency these can be used for larger target areas and larger distances.
The UHE-NS/NL family of solar simulators are feature rich, convenient integrated systems suitable for a variety of research and testing requiring a stable and reliable uniform light source.UHE-NL series solar simulators can produce 1 Sun or more solar irradiance at a variety of solar spectral classifications (with an appropriate AM filter).
All of the electronics are contained inside the UHE-NL system to reduce clutter. With the UHE-NL all of the simulator functions can be controlled from a single touch screen interface or from the provided Sciencetech Power Control software.



Industry Leading Efficiency

Class AAA

Turn-key Operation

Suitable for larger target areas

Electronic shutter control

Includes AM1.5G Filter

Vertical with option for horizontal operation

Target Size250x250mm
Typical Power Output1 Sun
Uniformity ClassificationClass A
Power Requirements220-240V/50Hz 10A
Collimation Angle9 degrees half angle
Lamp Power1600W
Working Distance650mm
Spectral Match ClassificationClass A
Temporal Instability ClassificationClass A+
ClassificationTriple A (AAA)
Continuous or FlashContinuous
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)970×437×1917 (V) / 1917×437×437 (H)
Weight (kg)95
Power Requirements220-240V/ 50Hz, 10A

Photovoltaic Testing
Material Characterization and Degradation Testing
Accelerated Age Testing

FILTERSAM1.5G Standard range (Inlcude with all models). Additional option provides
AMI5D, AM1.5G, and AM0 spectral match, and standard range
IV Measurement System20W IV Tester for Continuous Solar Simulators
Cell Chucks3.5” x 3.5” Solar Cell Chuck, TE Cooled, Computer controllable, Vacuum Ready
Solar Cell Chuck3.5″ x 3.5″ Solar Cell Chuck, Liquid Cooled, Rear Contact
Probe StationProbe Station, 4 Probes, Tungsten Needle-tip Kelvin Probes


Horizontal Beam Option (Please specify at time of order)
166-8016  Automated Beam Attenuation from 0-100% in 10% Steps
115-9027 Optical Feedback for Long Term Stability
116-8017 Light Tight Sample Area
166-8018 Manual Adjustable Stage, 250mm travel

Control and SOFTWARE

Sciencetech’s UHE-NS and UHE-NL solar simulators are controlled from a single touch screen interface control unit. Standard features of the control unit are:
Touchscreen interface
Shutter and exposure control (200ms closing/opening time)
Lamp starts and timer log
Forced air cooling safety interlock
RS232 communication
Power Control software with graphical user interface included,
Single power line connection for lamp power, cooling, and communication

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