Trivac D 16BCS

TRIVAC B, Two-Stage Rotary Vane
The TRIVAC BCS –Production of semiconductors and
in the area of chemistry



The TRIVAC BCS pumps are oil sealed vacuum pumps operating according to the rotary vane principle . Oil which is injected into the pump chamber is used for sealing, lubrication and cool- ing purposes

The pump body is assembled from individual parts without sealing compo- nents . The parts are pinned in order to ensure easy disassembly and reassem- bly of the parts

The motor is connected to the pumping section via an elastic coupling 

In addition, the TRIVAC BCS is ready for system integration (adaptable to dif- ferent applications) 

Nominal pumping speed m3/h (cfm)18 .9 (11 .1)
Pumping speed m3/h (cfm)16 .5 (9 .7)
Ultimate partial pressure without gas ballast  mbar (Torr)10-4 (≤ 0.75 x 10-4)
Ultimate total (pressure without gas ballast mbar (Torr)2 x 10-3 (≤ 1 .5 x 10-3)
Ultimate total (pressure with gas ballast Stage  mbar (Torr)5x 10-3 (≤ 0.75 x 10-3)
Oil filling, min . / max .l (qt)0 .5 / 1 .0 (0 .5 / 1 .1)
Noise level dB(A)54 / 56
Admissible ambient temperature°C (°F)+10 to +40 (+50 to +104)
Motor ratingW (HP)750
Nominal speedrpm1425
Weight (with oil filling)  kg (lbs)28 (61 .7)
Connections (Intake and Exhaust) DN25KF
Weight (with oil filling)  kg (lbs)28 (61 .7)

Compact design
Low noise operation with hardly any vibrations
Built-in oil pump
Continuous operation even at 1000 mbar (750 Torr)
Pressure-lubricated sliding bearings
Anti-suckback valve controlled via the oil pressure, no ackstreaming of oil, independent of the operating mode, with or without gas ballast
Low backstreaming of oil within the pump
High pumping speed down to ultimate pressure
Either vertical or horizontal intake and exhaust ports
All controls as well as the oil sight glass are located on the face side
Low power consumption
Produces very little heat
Exchangeable inner section
Main flow oil filters may be fitted
Very long service life
Modular system
Built-in temperature switch for temperature monitoring
Corrosion protected – the use of yel- low metals has been avoided; only grey cast iron, surface treated alu- minium, steel and stainless steel is used
Double shaft seal

Power Voltage:1 pha 220 V, 50 -60 HZ
3 pha 380V-400V, 50-60Hz

Mass and X-ray spectrometers
Electron beam microscopes
Leak detectors
Freeze-drying systems
Chemical and research labs
General vacuum engineering
Backing pump for high vacuum pump systems

TRIVAC B with 1-phase motor 230 V, 50 Hz
with dual voltage motor 110-115/210-230 V, 50/60 Hz

with 3-phase motor
200 – 240/380 – 400 V, 50 Hz /
200 – 240/380 – 480 V, 60 Hz 1)
219 − 242 V / 380 − 420 V, 50Hz,

ATEX Category 3 inside and 3 outside
II 3/3G EX h IIC T4 (50 Hz) Gc /
EX h IIC T3 (50 Hz) Gc (12°C ≤ Ta ≤ 40°C)

Dust filter
Adsorption trap
AF 16-25 exhaust filter
AR 16-25 exhaust filter with lubricant return
AK 16-25 condensate trap
OF 4-25 mechanical oil filter
CF 4-25 chemical oil filter
Connector for gas ballast inlet M 16 M 16 x 1 .5 – DN 16 KF
Oil drain tap M 16 x 1 .5

Inner body
Major maintenance kit (without oil)
Minor maintenance kit (without oil)
Shaft sealing replacement kit
Small parts kit
Seal kit

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