Magnetic stirrer Agimatic-E with heating

Unique functional design, with epoxy covered alloy case. Choice of stainless steel or ceramic top plate (model dependent). An internal case acts as a spill guard and insulator, made from AISI304 stainless steel. Tilted control panel for easy viewing with splash protection.
Electronic speed control from 60 to 1600 r.p.m. Easy to service and to replace modular electronics. All heated models have a connection at the back to connect an electronic contact thermometer “Sensoterm ll”, electronic controller “Electemp-TFT” or Pt100 temperature probe, model dependent.



Electronic control of speed and power to the heater.

From 50 °c to 350 °c precision ±2 °c.

Speeds From 60 to 1600 rpm
Maximum stir volume10 litres
Plate ø
with renovable safety ring against spillage
14,5 cm
Power 550 W
Dimension14,5x19x26 (HxWxD)
Weight3,5 kg

1. Switch on button with indicator lamp for heating and for stirring speed.
2. Electronic stir speed control.
3. Electronic temperature control of the heater plate
from 50 °C to 350 °C synchronised with an indicator
lamp that functions when the plate is hot.
4. Illuminated heater indicator when the heater is “on”.
Precision ±2 °C.
Power SupplySingle phase 230V ±10% 50 Hz.
Three phase 230/400V ± 10% 50 Hz.
Single phase 110V ±10% 60 Hz. (on demand).
Operating temperature20◦C

Lab equipments


Heating mantle for flasksFlask capacity: 250 ml
Ø: 15 cm
Height: 6,5 cm
Consumption : 130 W
Weight: 0,8 Kg
Heating mantle for flasksFlask capacity: 500 ml
Ø: 17 cm
Height: 7 cm
Consumption : 270 W
Weight: 0,9 Kg
Heating mantle for flasksFlask capacity: 1000 ml
Ø: 20 cm
Height: 8,5 cm
Consumption : 410 W
Weight: 1 Kg
Heating mantle for flasksFlask capacity: 2000 ml
Ø:24 cm
Height: 11 cm
Consumption : 530 W
Weight: 1,5 Kg


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