Magnetic stirrer Agimatic-Rev-TFT-C

Unique functional design, with epoxy covered alloy case. Choice of stainless steel or ceramic top plate (model dependent). An internal case acts as a spill guard and insulator, made from AISI304 stainless steel. Tilted control panel for easy viewing with splash protection.
Electronic speed control from 60 to 1600 r.p.m. Easy to service and to replace modular electronics. All heated models have a connection at the back to connect an electronic contact thermometer “Sensoterm ll”, electronic controller “Electemp-TFT” or Pt100 temperature probe, model dependent.



Select movement for one direction or reverse.

Electronic control of the frequency inverting period, from 10-30 seconds.

Silumin upper plate covered by aisi 304 stainless steel.

Magnetic reversible action stirrers, with adjustable time stirring periods and precise speed control, provides the following advantages for repeat processes:
A. faster mixing, reduced stirring time.
B. controllable vortex effect.
C. quickly eliminates air from within the sample mixture, degassing.
D. minimum splashing, no loss of sample.

Memory up to 10 working programs. Automatic cycles up to 6 segmensts with temperature programming, rpm and time. Real time graphical representation of automatic cycles.

Electronic digital control of stir speed and heater temperature. With removable safety ring against spillage.

From 50 to 1500 rpm
Adjustable temperatures
From 50 °c to 350 °c
±2 °c
Maximum stir volume
10 litres
Plate ø
with renovable safety ring against spillage
14,5 cm
550 W
14,5x19x26 (HxWxD)
3,5 kg

1. Probe position indicator.
2. rpm, temperature and time reading.
3. Start up.
4. Stop.
5. Settings.
6. Backward.
7. Increase/decrease parameters value.
8. Cursor.

Power Supply
Single phase 230V ±10% 50 Hz.
Three phase 230/400V ± 10% 50 Hz.
Single phase 110V ±10% 60 Hz. (on demand).
Operating temperature

Lab equipments


1. Stir-bars followers for magnetic stirrers
6 Ø x 10 mm long without pivot ring.
4 Ø x 12 mm long without pivot ring.
7 Ø x 20 mm long with pivot ring.
8 Ø x 32 mm long with pivot ring.
8 Ø x 40 mm long with pivot ring.
12 Ø x 75 mm lon with pivot ring.
16 Ø x 127 mm long with pivot ring.
19 Ø x 150 mm long with pivot ring.


2. Concentric stir-bar with beaker cover “CENTRIMAN”
1000ML; 2000ML


3. Adapters for round flasks
1000 ML; 250ML; 500ML


4. Box of 17 assorted stir bars


5. Aluminium PTFE coated bath
capacity 2 litres. 11 cm high x 18 cm Ø.


6. Aluminium PTFE coated bath
capacity 4 litres.13 cm high x 24 cm Ø.


7. Starhead stir bar
25 Ø x 15 mm high


8. Starhead stir bar
40 Ø x 17 mm high


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