Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometer ICPE-9800 Series

BEST for All Laboratories
ICPE-9800 Series of simultaneous ICP atomic emission spectrometers are next-generation systems that offer the superior accuracy necessary to simultaneously and quickly analyze multiple elements regardless of their concentration levels. They also feature user-friendly software that makes analysis easy. Furthermore, the systems reduce analysis costs while providing the highest performance levels in the industry. ICPE-9800 Series systems represent the ultimate in ICP atomic emission spectrometry for environmental, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metal, and other fields



Lowering Operating Costs
– Three Features Minimize Gas Consumption, Leading to Cost Savings

System Design Ensures Maximum Performance
– Photometric System Highly Suitable for the Analysis of a Wide Variety of Samples
– Leading-Edge CCD Detector with One Million Pixels Capable of Simultaneous Recording of All Wavelengths
– Three Features Reduce Gas Consumption by Half

Smart Assist
– ICPEsolution Software Ensures a Smoother Analysis Process

ICP observation– ICPE-9810 :Axial-view with argon gas purge function
– ICPE-9820 :Axial / radial view with argon gas purge function
Spray chamberCyclone chamber made of Borosilicate glass
Plasma torchMini-torch made of quartz
NebulizerCoaxial type made of Borosilicate glass
Gas controllerAutomatic control of gas flow rate from CPU Three flow lines for plasma
Flow rate setting ranges– Plasma gas (coolant gas) : 0 to 20 L/min
– Auxiliary gas : 0 to 1.5L/min
– Carrier gas : 0 to 1.5 L/min
– Purge gas for cooling jacket : about 0.5L/min
– Purge gas for CCD : about 0.5L/min
Oscillation methodFree running
Frequency27 MHz
RF output1.6 kW max. (When the mini torch is used: 1.2 kW)
Output stabilityWithin ±0.3%
RF circuit elementTransistor
Optical systemEchelle mounting
Wavelength range167nm to 800nm
Dispersive elements– Echelle diffraction grating with 79 grooves/mm
– Prism
Reciprocal linear dispersion– 0.21nm/mm (200nm)
– 0.68nm/mm (600nm)
Spectrometer temperatureEquipped with temperature control
Vacuum systemRotary pump with leak valve control (Pressure: 10 Pa max)
CCD semiconductor detector
Effective number of pixels1024×1024pixels
Pixel size20μm×20μm
Equipped with peltier cooling device
Equipped with condensation sensor
Dimensions1,300 mm (width) × 660 mm (depth) × 720 mm (height) (not including plasma stand exhaust guide)
Power SupplySingle phase: 200/220/230/240V±10% 50/60Hz 6kVA
Ground30 Ω max., independent ground
Argon Gas
Cooling Water
Pressure150 to 300kPa
Flow rate1.5L/minor greater
While the plasma is extinguished, cooling water feed by the valves in the main body stops
Water temperature5 ~ 30℃(no condensation)
When a cooling water circulator is used, the temperature setting should be 20 °C, and the fluctuation range within 0.5 °C
Installation Conditions
Temperature18 to 28℃ (temperature must not fluctuate more than 2°C/hour)
Humidity20 to 70% (with no condensation)
Food Products/ Agriculture
– Enhanced throughput
– Optimal methods
– Reduced operating costs
Environment/ Tap Water/Waste Water
– Reduced analysis times
– Superior stability over long periods
– High sensitivity
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
– High sensitivity
– Automatic correction for spectral interference
– No need for oxygen when introducing organic solvents
Chemicals/ Petrochemicals
– Stable injection of organic solvent samples and high-salt samples
– User-friendly software
– Reduced operating costs
Metals/Mining/ Electrical and Electronic
– Easy to check for interference from matrix components
– High accuracy
– Long-term performance stability
AS-10 Autosampler
Vials:60 15-mL vials
8 50-mL vials
SizeW290 × D508 × H300 mm (excluding arm)
Power supplySingle-phase 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
ASX-560 Autosampler
Vials:10 50-mL vials (standard samples) or
240 14-mL vials
160 20-mL vials (rack sold separately)
84 50-mL vials (rack sold separately)
SizeW580 × D550 × H620 mm
(include sample probe)
W90 × D180 × H60 mm
(rough dimensions of power supply unit)
Power supply100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 1.9 A
ASX-280 Autosampler
Vials:10 50-mL vials (standard samples) or
120 14-mL vials
80 20-mL vials (rack sold separately)
42 50-mL vials (rack sold separately)
SizeW355 × D550 × H620 mm
(include sample probe)
W90 × D180 × H60 mm
(rough dimensions of power supply unit)
Power supply100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 1.9A
Hydride generatorHVG-1
Cooling Water Circulator
SizeW377 × D500 × H615 mm
Power supplyAC 200 V–230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2 kVA
Weight43 kg
Quality Control Software ICPEsolution QAQCThis software is based on QAQC items obtained USEPA CLP SOW ILM05.x.
Multi-Data Register Connection Kit for ICPESupports data storage and management, user management and audit trails by connecting with LabSolutions DB/CS. A license for the LabSolutions Multi-Data Register function is required separately.
Tap Water Connection KitThis is required if using tap water to cool the main ICPE-9800 unit.
Argon and Oxygen Gas Mixture Supply UnitNormally, the ICPE-9800 does not require oxygen gas to be added to the plasma when organic solvent samples are measured. However, when trace amounts (ppb levels) of elements such as Na and K in organic solvent are measured, carbon can cause background problems. A four-layered torch is useful for reducing such problems by introducing oxygen safely into the plasma.
Nebulizer, 07UESA nebulizer with high-efficiency nebulization
Peristaltic PumpInstalled internally, with up to four channels
Automatic Internal Standard Addition KitThis kit is used for in-line mixing of a sample solution to be measured and an internal standard element solution and for introducing the mixture into the ICP system
Data Processing Unit Software: ICPEsolution
Measurement Samples– 1 data file, 300 samples max.
– Pasting of sample information Possible to paste sample information from the clipboard into the sample table
Qualitative Analysis– Analysis using internal database
– Automatic selection of qualitative-analysis wavelength for each sample
– Database calibration function
– Profile subtraction function
Quantitative AnalysisCalibration Curve Method / Standard Addition Method
User Support– Development assistant
– Diagnosis assistant
– Automatic wavelength selection
Instrument Control– Monitor display of instrument status
– Control of vacuum pump
– Automatic igniting/extinguishing of plasma
– Automatic extinguish function that operates when analysis completed
– Automatic control of autosampler


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