Talon® Ultimate – Forensic Imaging Solution

The Talon® Ultimate delivers advanced, high-performance forensic imaging at unbeatable imaging speeds of over 40GB/min*. Designed for field or forensic lab use, this forensic imager features a compact footprint, user-friendly navigation, and a budget-friendly price. The Talon Ultimate continues the proud legacy of previous generations of the Talon® forensic imaging solutions. Engineered specifically for digital forensic investigators, the Talon Ultimate meets all of your forensic imaging, hashing and wiping requirements.

IN THE BOX: The Talon Ultimate includes the following:
The Talon Ultimate ships in a cardboard carrying case that includes a custom protective foam insert ready to drop into a standard Pelican-type hard case
Power supply and power cord
1 CAT6 network cable
1 FireWire cable
1 USB 3.0 device cable
3 SAS/SATA cables
4 6-pin SATA plugs (for use with eSATA drives)
1 2.5″/3.5″ IDE to SATA adapter
Users’ manual on CD-ROM



Fast forensic imaging at speeds over 40GB/min*

Image & verify from 1 source drive to 3 destinations.

Remote operation with a web-based browser interface.

Optional targeted/logical imaging feature allows you to create a logical image and capture only specific files needed.

Optional Multi-Task feature provides multi-source to multi-target imaging for simultaneous imaging of up to 5 source drives.

Broad interface support includes SATA, USB3, FireWire® and IDE. Optional support for SAS available.

Supports imaging from PCIe SSDs (M.2 NVMe, AHCI, SATA type) and PCIe and mini-PCIe cards.

Secure sensitive evidence data with whole disk, open standard, drive encryption using the NIST recommended XTS-AES-256 cipher mode, decrypt using Falcon-NEO or Veracrypt, decrypt using the Talon Ultimate or open source software such as VeraCrypt.

The Talon® Ultimate provides extremely fast forensic imaging at over 40GB/min*.

The Talon Ultimate images and verifies to the following formats: native or mirror copy, dd image, dmg image, e01, ex01 (e01 and ex01 with compression).

The Talon Ultimate supports SHA1, SHA256 dual hash (MD5+SHA1) authentication.”
Handle even storage devices with Bad Sector (HDD), Bad Block (SSD) to create image files in the most efficient way.

Administrators can save configuration settings and set password-protected user profiles.

An easy to use interface allows you to connect to the Talon Ultimate from a web browser and manage all operations remotely. The browser features automatic page scaling for iPad type devices.

Secure sensitive evidence data with whole disk, open standard, drive encryption using the NIST recommended XTS-AES-256 cipher mode, decrypt using Falcon-NEO or Veracrypt decryption can be performed using the Talon Ultimate or by using a free open source decryption software such as VeraCrypt,TrueCrypt or FreeOTFE (On The Fly Encryption)”
Users can capture from the MAC system booting in target drive mode. This feature requires the purchase of the optional Firewire gateway software.
View/partition suspected drives connected to Talon Ultimate on PC with optional USB 3.0 device port. Users can copy files from the drive to the PC when this option is available’-Talon Ultimate is a very fast forensic imaging solution, reaching speeds of 40GB/min

– POWER REQUIREMENTS:12V DC grounded (non-isolated), 11.5AMP
– POWER CONSUMPTION:<140W w/drives
– RELATIVE HUMIDITY:20% to 80% (no condensing)
– NET WEIGHT:1.0kg
– DIMENSIONS:7.6”W X 2.6”H X 5.5”D (19.0cm X 6.6cm X 13.9cm)
– AGENCY APPROVALS:RoHs compliant. FCC Part 15 Class A, CE

– SAS option: Enables support for SAS drives on the Source and Destination ports
– Logical/target image creation option: Enables the ability to create Logical images using Custom filters, and preset file signatures.
– Multi-tasking option: Enable 2nd SATA power port (SAS option). Provides the ability to image multiple source drives to multiple destinations simultaneously. Includes 1 SATA/SAS cable.

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