Atomic Force Microscope Dimension FastScan

The Dimension FastScan® atomic force microscope (AFM) system is specifically designed to scan fast without loss of resolution, loss of force control, added complexity, or additional operating costs. With FastScan you achieve immediate AFM images with the expected high resolution of a high-performance AFM. Whether you scan at >125Hz when surveying a sample to find the region of interest, or at time rates of 1-second per image frame in air or fluid, FastScan redefines the AFM experience.



No-compromise high-speed performance
Delivers highest resolution any time, every time, independent of sample size.

Real-time nanoscale dynamics
Provide ultimate tip-scanning speed and stability for direct visualization of dynamic behavior in air or fluid.

Automated setup, data acquisition, and analysis
Makes system operation surprisingly simple while enhancing prductivity, allowing you to focus on your research.

– X-Y scan range 35μm  x 35μm  typical, 30μm  minimum
– Z range≥3μm
– Vertical noise floor<40pm RMS, sensor in appropriate environment (up to 625Hz)
– X-Y position noise
≤0.20nm RMS typical imaging BW (up to 2.5kHz in Adaptive)
– Z sensor noise level30pm RMS typical imaging BW (up to 625Hz)
– X-Y flatness
(30μm range)
– Integral nonlinearity

Benchmark for High Speed and High Resolution
Dimension FastScan is the first-and-only high-speed tip-scanning system that achieves frames per second scan rates without compromising resolution or system performance – independent of sample size. No other high-speed AFM has the large sample access of the FastScan. Coupled with PeakForce Tapping®, the system achieves instantaneous force measurement with a linear control loop, allowing point defect dimensional and mechanical resolution, and not just on hard, flat crystals.

Exceptional Productivity
Every facet of the Dimension FastScan – from wide-open tip and sample access to preconfigured software settings – has been specifically engineered for trouble-free, surprisingly simple operation. Fast sample navigation, fast engaging, fast scanning, low-noise, less than 200 pm per minute of drift rate over hours, an expanded intuitive user interface, and the world-renowned Dimension platform combine to deliver an entirely new experience in AFM, while ensuring high-quality data with faster time to results and publication. FastScan users can achieve immediate high-quality results without the usual hours of expert tweaking.

More Applications and New Insights Faster
Sample surveying is a common way to explore unknown samples to understand heterogeneity, unique feature characteristics, and mechanical properties. Here are the results of a FastScan sample survey, which produced a set of high-quality images ranging from high-resolution topography images of a 20 μm area to subsections 10 times smaller than the original scan. The results from one 8 minute scan are 16 megapixels of data in multiple channels, where high-resolution data is observed with clarity.


Sample surveying – Explore unknown samples to understand heterogeneity, unique feature characteristics and mechanical properties.
Sample screening – Routine screening of known samples eg failure analysis or nanoscale quality control.
Sample dynamics – Resolve the time propagation of a nanoscale object or structure, as a function of external conditions or stimuli, whether physical or chemical.

– Bruker AFM ProbesVisit to see our ocmprehensive listing of probes, including Bruker-exclusive
ScanAsyst probes
– AutoMET SoftwareAutoMET enables:
– User-defined automated nanoscale measurements at user-defined locations on data storage slider samples and bare and patterned wafers up to 300 millimeters
– Optical and AFM image pattern recognition, tip-centering, full-wafer or grid-mapping support, and image-placement accuracy within tens of nanometers
– Comprehensive yet simple recipe writing for advanced users
Easy setup to align sample to probe and to perform alignment corrections
– Run Recipe mode to perform complex measurements on thousands of samples easily using a predefined recipe.
– FastScan Scanner AFM Modes Optional: Nanoindentation,
Nanomanipulation, Nanolithograpy,
Surface Potential, Piezoresponse

ScanAsyst, Nanomechanical
Mapping, TappingMode (air),
TappingMode (fluid), PhaseImaging,
Contact Mode, Lateral Force
Microscopy, Lift Mode, MFM, EFM,
Force Spectroscopy, Force Volume

Force Spectroscopy, Force Volume
The Dimension family of AFMs has gained an iconic reputation in both research and industry by leading to more published data than any other large-sample AFM platform. The FastScan AFM system raises the industry gold standard to a new level of excellence, providing the expected high performance with faster results. The expanded software and intuitive workflow delivers automated laser and detector alignment, a built-in user-accessible cantilever database for system auto-settings, fast and safe engage control, and many additional features that make even the most advanced AFM techniquesmuch easier to perform than ever before. FastScan users can achieve immediate high-quality results without the usual hours of expert tweaking. Every facet of the Dimension FastScan — from wide-open tip and sample access to preconfigured software settings — has been specifically engineered for trouble-free operation and surprising AFM ease of use.

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