Auto-controlled volume air sampler – NuRMS EGS

The EGS advanced concept is designed to capture radioactive aerosols on filters with adjustable flow rates ranging from 5 to 140 m3/h. The flow rate is automatically regulated with increasing resistance of the clogged filter.
The principle of the EGS operation is based on a centrifugal high-velocity pump with a brushless asynchronous AC motor ensuring minimal maintenance of the system.
EGS is a compact device in a metallic case. Removable rubber feet allow comfortable installation on solid surfaces.
Inlet flange is mounted on the front panel, the power switch, Ethernet socket, RS232, AUX, USB connectors and power line socket are located on the rear side, exhaust flange is placed on the top of the unit and OLED display and keypad are located on instrument side.



EGS is a high-volume air sampling system used for capturing radioactive aerosols, dust and other air pollutants contained in the air.

Sampled air passes through removable filters that are subsequently analyzed in a laboratory to evaluate volume activities of captured particles.

This state of-the-air sampler is easy to operate and can be incorporated into various automated sampling systems.

Power consumptionStandard 300 VA, max. 800 VA
Pump driveAsynchronous AC motor
Flow rate control methodAutomatic pump drive power adjustment
Flow rate measurement methodRPM of the measuring turbine
IP protectionIP30
Max. noise level87 dB (informative measurement in the unloaded state at a flow rate of 140 m3/h at a distance of 1 m)
Means of controlLocal 6-key keypad Remote administration via LAN
DisplayOLED type
Flow rateFrom 5 to 140 m3/h
Sampled medium inletVia flange (80 mm diameter or customised)
Medium exhaustVia flange (can be customised)
InterfaceUSB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485
Displayed data (OLED display, or sent via LAN remote administration)Current flow rate in m3/h
Real time
Total sampled volume of the gas medium
Total running time
Sampled volume within the START-STOP interval Status report of the device and occurred failures Others
Dimensions400 × 260 × 270 mm without exhaust and inlet flange, 460 × 260 × 340 mm in total
Weight13 kg (without the sampling filter attached)

Continuous or pre-defined sampling interval or air volume.
Powerful vacuum pump with asynchronous induction motor.
Flow rate and flow volume measurement and logging.
Automatic pump power adjustment to keep constant flow rate despite rising blockage of used filter.
Adjustable for various filter types.
Remote control.
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz
Max. current4A
Operational environmentTemperature from +5 to +40 °C
Humidity max. 75%, non-condensing

Air sampling for radioactive material concentration measurement at workplaces – results are used for estimation of workers’ intakes and determination of appropriate protective equipment and measures.
Warning of significantly elevated levels of radioactive material in the ambient air.
Sampling system for collecting air in ventilation stacks for aerosol evaluation.
Installation as a sampling device in by passes of sampling systems.
Outdoor sampling system / monitoring station for subsequent ambient air analyses

Maximum dimensions of filter 220 x 265mm
Round filter flange with supporting gridDiameter 90 mm (max. filter diameter 80 mm)
Round filter flange with supporting gridDiameter 110 mm (max. filter diameter 100 mm)
Round filter flange with supporting gridDiameter 150 mm (max. filter diameter 140 mm)

Flange for filter with diameter of 130 mm with quick clamps, net sampling diameter of the filter 120 mm, outer diameter of the inlet pipe 28 mm.


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