Personal Noise Dosimeter

The Personal Noise Dosimeter is available in Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth models and features a color screen. The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to monitor multiple dosimeters from the Edge dB app.
The measurement settings can be programmed to test for compliance to various government or association standards including OSHA PEL, OSHA Hearing Conservation, ACGIH, MSHA, and country-specific regulations.
The Noise Dosimeter allows users to monitor personal noise exposure levels in real-time, within Bluetooth range with a mobile application. The ability to monitor from a safe distance allows workers to continue tasks without interruption in a variety of workplace environments.
Color Screen, No Wireless Connectivity, with Docking Station



The Noise Dosimeter allows users to monitor personal noise exposure levels in real-time with a mobile application. The ability to monitor from a safe distance allows workers to continue tasks, without interruption.

Functional Requirements Include
+ Microphone1/4 inch prepolarized condenser (electret) field replaceable threaded microphone
+ Measuring Range70dB – 140dB
+ WindscreenRugged foam permanently attached to a threaded mount for maximum protection
+ Model has two independent dosimeters
+ ThresholdsSelectable from 70dB to 90dB or none
+ Exchange Rates3dB, 4dB or 5dB for each dosimeter
+ Criterion LevelsFrom 70dB to 90dB in 1dB increments
Measurement Settings
+ RMS Range70dB to 140dB
+ RMS WeightingA or C
+ RMS Time ResponseFast or Slow
+ Frequency WeightingA, C, Z
Peak Detector
+ Peak Range110dB to 143dB
+ Peak WeightingSelectable C or Z
(Peak is independent of the RMS dosimeter settings)
Displayed Data / Values+ LAVG or LEQ
+ Current Date
+ Run Time
+ Exposure
+ Max Level
+ Min Level
+ Dose
+ Threshold (TR)
+ Peak Level
+ Identity Field
+ Upper Limit (UL)
Displayed Status Indicators+ Battery
+ Memory
+ Run/Pause
+ Overload Indication
+ Dose Exposure Indicator (Multicolored LED, user selectable)
Docking Station: Single and Five Bay Versions
+ CommunicationsVia the EdgeDock and USB to PC
+ Typical recharge2 to 4 hours
Power / Electrical Characteristics
+ BatteryBattery
+ Battery Life60+ hours with Display Timeout enabled (20 hours without Display Timeout enabled)
+ Battery ChargeQuick charge in EdgeDock in 2 to 4 hours. Daily data
download with simultaneous battery charging recommended for maximum efficiency
+ Memory Capacity180 hours
+ CommunicationsShort haul serial Infrared (SIR) via the EdgeDock
StandardsANSI S1.25 Personal Noise Dosimeters
IEC61252 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
Regional Bluetooth Approvals+ FCC ID: VPYLBZY
+ JAPAN: [R]001-P00500
+ CE
Physical Characteristics
+ Weight3 ounces (85 grams)
+ Size3.5” long x 2.1” wide x .75” thick (88mm x 53mm x 19mm)
+ Case MaterialEngineered Polymer 65
+ Keypad4 keys – Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Run/Stop, On/Off, Enter
+ IP Rated Display128 x 64 color OLED
+ RoHS Compliant
+ Lockable Windscreen
+ Alligator Clothing Clip / Suspender Clasp
Additional Features
+ Device SetupEasy, quick setup via DMS software in Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish
+ Data LoggingLAVG or LEQ, Max, Peak and Overload Indication at one minute intervals
+ Calibration times displayed
+ Lock out security function (multilevel)

Model dB mobile app allows users to monitor worker noise exposure from a safe distance on a tablet or smartphone.
+ Monitor multiple dosimeters from a distance, minimizing interruptions to those wearing the instruments.
+ Keep users safe from potentially hazardous noise levels.
+ Mobile app is compatible with iOS version 10.0 or greater, and Android version 4.3 or greater.
 Personal Noise Dosimeter is a powerful and intuitive instrument designed for identifying hearing loss threats.
+ Bluetooth option syncs to model mobile app for management of a variety of dosimeter functions and viewing of noise exposure measurements.
+ Compact, 3-ounce (85 grams) unit mounts easily to the shoulder.
+ Large color OLED display for easy reading.
+ LED dose indicator flashes when dose level has been exceeded.
+ Equipped with two independent dosimeters that can simultaneously measure against separate industry standards.
+ Configurable auto display shut off for increased battery life.
+ Preprogrammed to OSHA Standards – measure against OSHA compliance regulations.
+ Lockout Ability – Prevent users from inadvertently terminating a study.
+ Detection Management Software – Configure dosimeter as well as intuitively interpret measurements and generate reports for export and sharing of results.
Operating Temperature Range14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 °C)
Storage Temperature Range-13 °F to 140 °F(-25 °C to 60 °C)
Humidity Range-13 °F to 140 °F(-25 °C to 60 °C) 0 to 95% Non-Condensing
+ Manufacturing
+ Safety Consultants
+ Government
+ Energy/Utility
+ Airports
+ Theme Parks and Entertainment Facilities
Extra wind screen
Calibrator microphone adapter
Hard plastic carrying case
DMS Sofware
USB cable
EdgeDock 1
EdgeDock 5
Universal charger adapter
Docking station and AC-300 calibrator

Detection Management Software program (DMS) is Quest’s user-friendly software that syncs with data logging products and provides a database for storing results. DMS simplifies the process for product setup, data storage, charting and analyzing data, and generating reports. This all-in-one software solution for industrial hygienists and safety professionals works with the following Quest product lines:
+ Edge Noise Dosimeters
+ Sound Examiner Sound Level Meter
+ SoundPro Sound Level Meter
+ QUESTtemp 34, 36, 44, 46, and 48N heat stress monitors
+ EVM-3, -4, -7
+ Edge 3 Noise Dosimeter (discontinued product line)
+ NoisePro Noise Dosimeters (discontinued product line)
+ QUESTemp II Personal Heat Stress Monitor – (discontinued product line)
+ Centrally organize and access exposure data
+ Provides consistent software platform for multi-site organizations
+ Icon-driven navigation provides simplified user experience
+ Easy to learn and use without the need for extensive training
+ Create a variety of charts and graphs, based on need
+ Template driven reports make it easy to determine what data to include

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