DR2000 Flying lab

The DR2000 measures gases using a series of sensors selected based on application.

Each DR2000 unit can be equipped with:
+ Up to 4 electro-chemical sensors
+ Volatile organic compound sensing using photo-ionization technology
+ CO2, Methane, or Nitrous oxide using non-dispersive infrared sensor
+ Sensing capabilities for particulates PM 1, PM 2.5, and PM 10
+ Temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure
+ High accuracy GPS recording
+ High accuracy altitude measurements



A weight reduction to 520g/640g (base/fully loaded) now allows for a much more diverse drone portfolio, and less weight grants the operator a longer flight time.

An improved sample intake provides a continuous and
smooth air flow for stable readings, dramatically reducing the pulsation from pumps.

An advancements in sensor electronics allows for a much more stable and accurate reading, electrochemical sensor health and lifetime check, and improved particulate matter measurements.

A significantly shorter warm up time.

Lightweight carbon fiber casing now provides a sleek, aerodynamic body, further reducing drag.

The DR2000’s communication capabilities is improved, offering more range and a faster/higher throughput.

Sample Bag Filling

Live Camera and Thermal Imaging

Heater Module for High Humidity

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Drones

Maximum # of sensors11 (4xEC, 1xCO2, 1xPID, 1xCH4, 1xPM, T, RH, Barometer)
Type of sensorsPID, NDIR, EC, Laser Particulate Counter, Temperature and Relative Humidity, and barometric pressure
Sampling rateApproximately 1/s
Sampling PortSingle Sampling Port with probe >1 LPM Flowrate
Probe Length44 cm or 88 cm (switchable)
Time in flightDrone dependant, DJI Inspire 2 around 25m optimally
CommunicationLoRa, GSM/WiFi
On-board data storage16GB SD card
Cloud serverCloud server
On-Board Srvr/StorageIncluded by Default
Ground Station10 Inch tablet with LORA communication and DRIMS2 Mobile software
SoftwareFree access to Drone Information Managemeny System (DRIMS2) for 1 year
Temperature range5°C to 40 °C.
CalibrationAuto-zero before flight. Calibration using optimized GD600 system
Warranty24 months full warranty to all parts including sensors
Sensor replacementSensor dependent – first 2 years covered by warranty
Mounting hardwareCustomizable mounting lid – default mounting for Inspire 2 drone. Triple mounting safety reduncancy to the drone (mounting screws, counter-weight ties, zip ties)
Location and AltitudeGPS Based with barometric pressure augmentation
Weight520 – 640g
Size23 cm x 10.8 cm x 10.3 cm

Forward stereo vision obstacle avoidance
(0.7-30m range) with FOV 60°
horizontal and 54° vertical
Downward vision system for Autoland and ultrasonic range detection10-500 cm
Upward infrared sensor for obstacle avoidance(0-5 m range) with FOV of ±5°
Maximum speed94 kph or 58 mph
Operating temperature-20° to 40° C
Operating R. Humidity10 – 90%

A specialized tablet connected to
a miniature PC with a high gain powerful communication antenn
Any drone with a lift capacity of 520g/640g will work with
the DR2000, other vehicles such as automobiles or even hot air balloons have been used with the DR2000.

DR2000 serves as a perfect fit for air quality monitoring
of the cities in those hard to access places.

The DR2000 along with olfactometers, can be used to monitor odour emissions to help plants optimize processes and reduce odour impact.

One of the most prominent issues of concern from wastewater treatment plants (also known as sewage treatment plants) is odour. Many chemicals in these facilities generate odour; with the active majority being sulfur-based.

DR2000 can be used for monitoring of gas emissions from pipeline leaks, storage tanks and even stacks.

In-plant stack and ambient air monitoring allows the plant to not only ensure adherence to emission regulations and standards, but also to detect issues within the process such as tank leaks, loading spills, and other unexpected events.

DR2000 can provide aerial monitoring of both odour and pollutants in agricultural facilities.

Workers from many industries are exposed to multiple harmful gasses every day. These chemicals can lead to fatigue, respiratory decline, illness, and a general decrease in the overall quality of life. Industries need to monitor their air quality and ensure safety for their workers.

Workers in compost facilities are exposed to chemical and biological risks. Additionally, nearby neighborhoods may also be affected by the same contaminants. It is critical to monitor air quality in these type of facilities in order to ensure proper operation and uphold adherence to pertinent regulations.

Drones are starting to become a common piece of technology used in emergency situations due to the various benefits they provide.

DR2000 Analyzer
Ground Station Receiver
Ground Station
Air Sampling Probe
Charge adapter
Zeroing Filter
Safety Ties

DRIMS2 (Drone Information Management System) Software

DRIMS2 is used to view historical data, run diagnostics, configure, and set alarm levels for DR2000.
The software is installed on our on-board server (default), Scentroid’s cloud-based server (default) and on your localized server (optional).
DRIMS2 provides easy analysis tools for an operator to determine pollutant hot spots, possible sources, sampled areas, and much more.
DRIMS2 can control and display data from multiple DR2000s in the same fleet.

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