Compact Digestion System – MBC-20/N

MBC Series block digesters are available in 6 different models with different amount of sample positions and tube sizes to process from 6 up to 40 samples at a time. The system is composed of a heating block, a mobile samples tubes rack and a mobile fumes collector.
+ Vertically assembled and mobile sample tubes rack and fumes collector for a faster cooling and minimum footprint.
+ Heating block with extensive thermal insulation by rock wool and ceramic fiber and covered with Halar® resin coating.
+ Easy-to-clean and corrosion resistant fumes collector and external frame made of AISI-304.
Safety thermostat to prevent overheating.
Contains calibration port for external probes.



Built-in temperature regulator, has 9 programs with 18 temperature and time segments each.

Programmable auto-start.

Power W2500
Sample positions20
Compatible sample tubes ml250
Temperature stability at 400ºC±1
Adjustable temperature ºC45 – 450
Homegeneity at 420ºC±5
External dimensions L x D x H mm460x560x635
Weight Kg47

MBC digesters are versatile for a wide range of applications and samples, even fatty, inhomogeneous and highly foaming samples are compatible with the equipment.
Delay time, ramps, digestion temperatures and digestion times can be adjusted according to each analysis requirements. It has a total of 9 programs available that can be saved and edited at any time.
Temperature is homogenously distributed throughout the metal heating block, ensuring that all samples work under exactly the same conditions, achieving a high reproducibility among the most common applications.
In the event of a equipment failure, a message on the screen indicates the cause and, if appropriate, digestion is automatically stopped. Temperature control is supported by a safety thermostat to avoid overheating.
There are 6 different models available depending on sample tube size and number of sample positions.
Digestion tubes rack, back support, antidrip tray, fumes collector and heating block cover made of AISI-304, with the latter covered with Halar® coating.
Heating block made of aluminum. Rock wool and ceramic fiber are used for thermal insulation.
The equipment is designed to occupy as little space as possible following a fully integrated and vertical assembly of the equipment parts to minimize the equipment footprint.
The equipment has a support to place the mobile samples tubes rack away from the heating block for a faster cooling, avoiding long waiting times before performing the final analysis of the digested sample.
The exhaust fumes collector has improved characteristics to guarantee that the vapors that come out of each sample tube are properly collected and directed to the Fumes Neutralization Unit (Scrubber).
Voltage V230/115
Frequency Hz50/60

Nitrogen, Protein, Fat hydrolysis.
Nitrogen, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Heavy metal traces.
Protein, Organic nitrogen, Ammonia, Urea, Formaldehyde.
Organic nitrogen

MB and MMB – Programmable heating block

GP-N and GPM – Tubes rack with support

EG-N – Fumes collector with support

SPD – Fumes collector with support

TB42300 – Digestion tube


+ Sample vol. ml250
+ Materialglass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm42 x 300
+ Compatible maximum number of sample tubes per mode6

TB42300E – Reinforced digestion tube

+ Sample vol. ml250
+ Materialreinforced glass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm42 x 300
+ Compatible maximum number of sample tubes per mode6

Fumes neutralization unit- Scrubber


+ Power W100
+ Voltage V230/115
+ Frequency Hz50/60
+ External dimensions L x D x H mm520x373x310
+ Weight Kg13
+ Environment
Temperature between 5ºC and 40ºC
Humidity between 30% and 80%


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