Fat extraction system-SX-6 MP

Our fat extraction system is specially optimized to determine crude fat or other components soluble in organic solvents according to the universally known Solvent extraction method, including both Randall and Twisselmann methods.
Its flexibility to analyze a wide variety of samples ranging from food to environmental soil analysis makes our extractor suitable for multiple settings and applications.
SX-6 MP is designed to guarantee accurate and precise results according to the international standardized method such as AOAC, ISO, AACC, DIN and EPA.




External dimensions L x D x H mm680 x 330 x 580
Power1500 W
Weight46 Kg
Solvent recoveryUp to 95%
Temperature accuracy± 0,5%
Sample capacity/batch units6
Solvent volumeup to 50 ml
Sample max. volume25 ml
Boiling time00:00 – 99:59 hours:minutes
Rinsing time00:00 – 99:59 hours:minutes
Recovery time00:00 – 99:59 hours:minutes
Extraction speed30-60 min
Electric protectionIP65

SX-6 MP extractors are designed to follow the Randall method, a standardized method which is much faster than the traditional Soxhlet method.
The equipment allows independent programming of temperature and extraction times, facilitating the analysis of a wide range of analytes according to the specific needs of each sample.
The cooling water regulation system reduces the amount of cooling water consumption, an external recirculating cooler can also be connected. Smaller extraction cups lower the required quantity of solvents for extraction.
Easy to clean and corrosion resistant external frame made of stainless steel grade AISI-304 with epoxy coating. A pressure switch protects the condensers from high pressure water. Different gaskets according to solvent used are also available.
SX-6 MP is a semiautomatic extractor, for each phase change the equipment makes an acoustic signal, warning the user that a change of samples position is required and thus the user does not need to continuously monitor the entire analysis.
After the extraction process is complete, SX-6 MP allows the recovery of most of the solvent. This solvent can be reused in subsequent tests, significantly reducing the cost of the analysis.
Control of temperature by PID microprocessor and a Pt100 class A temperature probe, overtemperature safety control by an independent thermocouple.
Fat content analysis with SX-6 MP extractors are performed in accordance to official methods described by international entities such as AOAC, AACC, ISO, EPA and DIN in order to guarantee accurate results.

+ Voltage230/115 V
+ Frequency50/60 Hz
+ Working range of temperatures+5 ºC to 220 ºC

Milk and dairy products, Cereals, Meat and derivatives, Fish and seafood, Chocolate and cocoa products, Oil and oil seeds, Dry fruits.

Material design, Herbal medicine products, polymers R&D.

Thiết kế vật liệu, Sản phẩm thuốc thảo dược, R & D polyme.

Impurities detection, Cotton, Coating materials.

Pesticides, Fertilizers, Refined chemicals.

Lipid-based formulations, Formulas R&D, Vitamins.

Cellulose extraction thimbles+ Dimensions Ø x H mm: Ø 26 x 60
+ Material: Cellulose
+ Quantity: 25
Extraction thimble supports+ Quantity: 12
Aluminum extraction vessels+ Dimensions Ø x H mm: Ø 51 x 59
+ Material: Aluminum
+ Quantity: 12
Magnetic adapters+ Quantity: 6
6 epdm gaskets+ Quantity: 6
6 viton® gaskets+ Quantity: 6
Racks for extraction vessels+ Quantity: 2
Aligning rack for extraction vessels+ Quantity: 1
Tong for an individual manipulation of extraction vessels+ Quantity: 1
Tong for a simultaneous manipulation of 6 extraction vessels+ Quantity: 1
Silicone tubes+ 1,5m (ø 8 x 14)
+ Quantity: 2

box 25 extraction catridges
box 25 extraction catridges

extraction vessels
extraction vessels


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