Our Kjeldahl distillers work according to the internationally recognized Kjeldahl method, a reference procedure to analyze nitrogen and protein content in several fields of application.
Kjeldahl distillers for performing nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl in raw or processed products of the food industry. Besides performing nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl you can also determine alcohol, volatile acids, sorbic acid, SO2, phenols, cyanide, ammonia and nitric nitrogen content.
Different models of our Kjeldahl distillers adapt to each laboratory requirements, from semiautomatic models to fully automatic, all options guaranteeing safety for the users with automatic distillation interruption on overtemperature or overpressure and fixing cooling water input if required. Furthermore, our distillers work according to standardized procedures such as AOAC, ISO, EPA and DIN. The DNP Series distillers are designed to give reliable, accurate and precise results.




External dimensions L x D x H mm440 x 340 x 790
Power1800 W
Weight31 Kg
Tank capacity
+ H2O10 L
+ NaOH10 L
+ H3BO35 L
Dilution water0-240 ml
NaOH solution0-240 ml
H3BO30-240 ml
Reaction time (delay)0-30 minutes
Distillation time0-30 minutes
Steam power regulation30-100%
Measurement rangefrom 0,1 to 200 mg of N
Nitrogen recovery> 99,5%
Reproducibility± 1%
Distillation time4 min/100 ml
Cooling water consume1,2 l/min
Programs 20 user free

Electric steam generator with water level control.

Control of the system by microprocessor with LCD screen.

21 user programs including:
+ Preheating, washing and ammonium sulphate test.
+ Preset programs for alcohols, cereals, dairy products, meat, fish, sewage waters, fertilizers, nuts and animal feed.
+ Free programs to set as required.

Automatic dilution water addition pump.

Automatic alkaline addition pump.

Pumps calibration by end user.

Language selection (ENG, ESP, FR).

Cooling water saving system.

External frame made of AISI-304 stainless steel painted with epoxy resin.

+ Voltage230/115 V

Protein, Non-protein nitrogen, Casein, Total volatile basic nitrogen, Sulphur dioxide, Formaldehyde | Milk and derivatives (ISO 8968-1), Meat and derivatives (ISO 937, AOAC 981.10), Nuts (AOAC 950.48).

Alcoholic strength by volume, Volatile acidity, Sorbic acid, Sulphur dioxide, Protein | Beer and elaboration raw materials (AOAC 920.53), Alcohol content (Reg. CEE 2676/90, Reg. CEE 2870/2000), Sorbic Acid (OIV).

Ammonia, Total Kjeldahl nitrogen, Phenol, Formaldehyde, Nitrate, Nitrite, Cyanide | Coal (ISO 333:1996), Water (AOAC 973.48), Rubber (ISO 1656:1996).

Protein, Non-protein nitrogen | Cereals and grains (AOAC 979.09), Forage (AOAC 978.04), Feeds (AOAC 941.04).

Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Cyanide, Total nitrogen | Water (ISO 10048:1991), Industrial waste (EPA 9065), Fertilizers (AOAC 920.03).

Organic nitrogen, Ammonia, Urea, Formaldehyde.

Protein, Organic nitrogen, Ammonia, Urea, Formaldehyde.

TB26300 – Digestion tube

+ Sample vol. ml100
+ Materialglass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm26 x 300

TB42300 – Digestion tube

+ Sample vol. ml250
+ Materialglass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm42 x 300

TB42300E – Digestion tube

+ Sample vol. ml250
+ Materialreinforced glass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm42 x 300

TB-80300 – Digestion tube

+ Sample vol. ml400
+ Materialglass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm80 x 300

Reaction Vessel

+ Sample vol. ml200
+ Materialglass
+ Dimensions Ø x H mm80 x 95
DNP Adapter For Büchi® Tubes

Kit For Automatic Titration

+ TitratorYes
+ StirrerYes
+Reaction vessels and connection hosesYes
+ Dimensions L x D x H mm220 x 400 x 360
+ Power80 W
+ Weight4 Kg
+ Voltage230 V
+ Frequency50/60 Hz

+ Communication software between the titrator and a PC.
+ The purchase of this accessory includes an Ethernet connection cable to use in
conjunction with the external titrator.
+ Control to start and stop analysis.
+ Real-time data display directly from the workstation.
+ Manage data stored locally or on a server (search, compare, delete, print).
+ Export data

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