ElvaX Geo

An instant on-site elemental analysis is one of the necessities of the modern mining industry. ElvaX Geo offers you accurate data and ease of operation during geo-exploration or quality assurance. The instrument is designed specifically for long non-stop convenient operation. The unique 800 mm2 analytical spot analysis increases averaging of inhomogeneous samples. A composite pole helps you keep a comfortable body position during operation and enables to analyze hard-to-reach places. This form factor allows for uninterrupted measurement during slow walking while measurement results are communicated to the operator through headphones. ElvaX Geo is operated through a PDA in a protective enclosure, which can be put underneath outer garment in case of extreme climatic conditions. The Li-Ion Battery can be hidden as well.



– Fundamental parameters analysis of unknown samples without empirical calibration. User Factor Calculation Method enables to enhance analysis accuracy for a specific site.

– with the help of a laboratory stand, ElvaX Geo is transformed into a desktop instrument working with ElvaXTM PC software.

– ElvaXTMsoftware allows not only to perform in-depth analysis of XRF spectra but enables to create calibrations of your own.

– Averaging function to minimize error during analysis of inhomogeneous samples.

– The analyzer comes with the watertight case, holster for carrying, composite pole, and laboratory stand.

– ElvaX Geo supports integration with An external GPS module via Bluetooth. the Acquired data can then be used in a GIS.

Digital X-Ray Source digiX-50

– Anode:W
– Voltage:50 kV
– Current:200
– Power:10 W
– Spot size:800 mm2
X-Ray Detector
– Type:Fast SDD
– Active area:25 mm2 (option 70 mm2)
– Energy resolution: <145 eV @ 5.9 keV
– Count rate:500 000 cps
– DPP: proprietory DAS (Dynamically Adaptive Shaping) type, 80 MHz sampling rate
– MCA:4096 channels
– Display:4.3″
– Dimensions:242 х 236 х 90 mm
– Weight:2 kg
– Protection:IP67

A composite pole helps you keep a comfortable body position during operation and enables you to analyze hard-to-reach places.
Delivered with foamed case
This portable device delivered together with a case to protect it from vibrations, weather influence, and fallings.


– Mining and Exploration
– Soil and sediment
– Environmental monitoring

Operating system: Windows EC7
Analysis algorithms: Fundamental parameters (FPA), Empirical (regression) calibrations

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