Handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer ElvaX ProSpector 3

ProSpector 3 is the next-generation handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer. It offers a new level of analysis accuracy, speed, and detection limits. ProSpector 3 is the smallest and lightest XRF gun on the market with an intuitive and user-friendly software interface. Unique processing algorithms allow analyzing in various fields of application: PMI, Alloys, Precious metals, Archeometry, Petrochemical, Soils, Plastics, Automotive catalysts etc.



Highest accuracy within the shortest measurement time, excellent precision

Two CCD cameras for macro- and micro- view combined with an automatic collimator

Small (236 х 193 х 68 mm), and light (1.05 kg) handheld analyzer.

Dustproof and waterproof instrument body, with IP-67 protection level

Excellent calibration stability, compensation of influence of ambient temperature and pressure variations

– Built-in computer
– Built-in 4.3-inch touch screen
– Temperature correction
– IP65 level protection
– Built-in and customized software
– Software password protection
– Dimensions:236x193x68 mm.
– Weight:1.05 kg. with rechargeable battery
– Count rate:500 000 cps
– Anode material:W
– Detector type:SDD
– Energy resolution: <140 eV @ 5.9 keV
– Elements range:from S to U
– Tube Voltage:40kV
– Tube Current:200uAmp
– Power:5W
– Filter changer:Single
– Collimator changer:Single

Large folding display
ProSpector 3 has the largest touch screen (4.3”) available in hand-held XRF analyzers. All the required data is shown without scrolling. The unique design of the folding display allows for convenient operation in the lab stand with no need to use an external PC. Image autorotation lets you operate the analyzer both in the horizontal and vertical position.
Small spot analysis
High-resolution CCD camera combined with an automatic collimator changer offers simple positioning and small spot analysis of jewelry, welds, PCBs, etc.


– Positive material identification and scrap sorting
– Alloy analysis
– Ferroalloys
– Jelwery and precious metal analysis
– Mining and geology
– Automotive catalytic converters
– RoHS, WEEE, Proposition 65 compliance testing
– Construction material and minerals
– Refractory materials
– Enviroment testing of soils and sediments, water, paint and forensic materials
– Coating thickness

Operating system: Windows EC7
Analysis algorithms: Fundamental parameters (FPA), Empirical (regression) calibrations

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