Flagship model for SURFCOM to attain the ultimate perfection level with brand-new linear motor drive as the main machine



Highly Stable Optical Path Type Laser Interferometer

Roughness and contour can be analysed in a single measurement

Linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high speed movement (patented)

Low vibration ensures stable measurement at high resolutions (patented)

Large measurement range from 200 mm (horizontal direction) and 13 mm (vertical direction)

Can be extended with 2D and 3D surface measurement

Measuring range
– Z-axis (vertical):13 mm/50 mm arm, 26 mm/100 mm arm
– X-axis (horizontal):200 mm
– Z-axis indication accuracy (vertical):±0.2 + |H|/1000 μm (H:measuring height mm)
– Resolution: 0.31 nm/50 mm arm
– X-axis indication accuracy (horizontal): ±0.2 + L/1000 μm (L:-Measuring length mm)
– Resolution:0.54 nm
– Straightness accuracy:0.05 + 3 L/10000 μm (L: Measuring length mm)
System accuracy
– System noise:Ra ≤ 2 nm/0.4 mm, Rz ≤ 10 nm/0.4 mm
Drive speed
– Column up/down speed (Z-axis):to 200 mm/s
– Drive unit measuring speed (X-axis):0.03 to 3 mm/s (during roughness measurement), 0.03 to 20 mm/s (during contour measurement)
– Drive unit movement speed (X-axis): 0.02 to 60 mm/s
Sensor unit:
– Stylus:DM47501 / DM47508
Stadard: ISO 4287, ISO 12085, ISO4288, ISO 13565, ISO 13302
Installation dimensions (W x D x H):1405 mm x 1050 mm x 1851 mm
Weight: 700 kg

Highly Stable Optical Path Type Laser Interferometer
● This measuring machine adopts an optical fiber-based laser interferometer, one of Tokyo Seimitsu’s constituent technologies, and incorporates a newly developed highly stable optical path type laser interferometer having a resolution of 0.31 nm.
● This system features a dynamic range as well as a resolution ratio of 42,000,000:1. This means that in a single trace you can evaluate contour profi les in wide ranges and also hidden fine surfaces.

Linear Motor Drive (patented)
● Linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high-speed movement.
● Also, low vibration ensures more stable measurement at high magnifi cations.

Roughness and Contour Analyzed in a Single Measurement
● Measurement effi ciency imporved and high accuracy is maintained at the same time.

Wide Range
● Wide measuring range of 200 mm (horizontal direction) and 13 mm (vertical direction)
● Motorized tilting unit capable of tilting to 45° also available. (SURFCOM CREST-T type)

– Power Requirements:Single-phase AC100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
– Air Sourse: Supply Pressure: 0.45 to 0.7 MPa, Working Pressure: 0.4 MPa, Air Consumption Volume Max: 8 L/min
SURFCOM CREST can be used in all sectors where high recision and resolution are indispensable.
SURFCOM CREST can be used in both the contour and surface sector due to the special hybrid system, and achieves high end result


Newly developed ACCTee software represents the next generation of integrated TiMS software. Based on a new oncept in measurement that combines document-based measurement and analysis with leading-edge operability and an intuitive work environment, AccTee makes all operations available in the document (measurement result sheet), and it also enables all the information to be saved with the related data. This is the “”All in the Document””, next generation integrated software, ACCTee.

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