Automatic Dicing Saw DAD3220

Dicing Saw for 6 × 6-inch Workpieces Designed for Compactness
Max. workpiece size Φ150 mm
Single spindle



Single-axis dicing saw which is compatible with the 6 x 6-inch workpiece using a user-specified specification.

Each model features an LCD touch panel with a graphical user interface for easy and intuitive operation

The newly developed 1.5 kW spindle, which is standard on every model, features a shaft lock function for easier blade changing

A reduced-expansion spindle (option) manufactured with special expansion-resistant materials is available for even greater precision during processing.

Max. workpiece sizeΦ6 inch / 150 × 150 mm(user-specified specification)
X-axisCutting rangemm160
Cutting speedmm/s0.1 – 500
Y-axisCutting rangemm162
Index stepmm0.0001
Index positioning accuracymm0.005/160
(Single error) 0.003/5
Z-axisMax. strokemm32.2 (Φ2 inch blades)
Moving resolutionmm0.00005
Repeatability accuracymm0.001
θ-axisMax. rotating angledeg320
Rated torqueN.m0.48
Revolution speed rangemin‐13,000 – 40,000
Microscope section (alignment)SystemPattern matching system based on the target patterns from the CCD camera
Scope0.64 mm square
Magnification・7.5x (pixel size: 0.0013 mm)
Direct light (LED) + Ring light (LED)[optional accessory]Ring light provides workpieces with 360 degree illumination to deal with various workpiece surface conditions and kerf angle after cut
Kerf check・Compensation on a hairline standard
・Kerf width max./min.
・Check setting of random locations
・Check setting for each cut line number
Automatic light intensity adjustment
Auto focus
Auto alignment
Device type changeAlignment conditions can be switched autodevice data are changed
Alignment accuracy± 0.0013 mm
Alignment capable
die size
0.4 mm or more

DAD3220 has a width of only 500 mm and was designed to be compact. The footprint is reduced approx. 14% compared to the existing model (DAD321).
The cutting water flow rate controller, programmable for each device data, helps prevent operator error while providing a stable and consistent flow of cutting water.
The macro microscope allows for a greater field of view and can improve usability during alignment.
A transformer and UPS can be installed on the equipment with consideration for the layout of peripheral units

Power supply200 ~ 240 V AC±10 %, 3-phase (50/60 Hz)
Power consumptionWhen processing 0.5 kW  (for reference) and During warm-up 0.4 kW (for reference)
Max power3.5 kVA
Air pressure0,5 ~ 0,8 MPa
Air max consumption200 L / min (ANR)
Clean air pressure0,5 ~ 0,8 MPa
Clean air max. consumption162 L / min (ANR)
Pressure water cutting0,2 ~ 0,4 MPa
Max. flow rate Cutting water0.2 ~ 4.0 L / min
Pressure cooling water0,2 ~ 0,4 Mpa
Flow rate cooling water1.5 at 0.3 MPa L / min
Exhaust duct capacity2.5 m3 / min
Machine dimensions(W x D x H)730 x 900 x 1,670 mm
Machine weightApprox.600 kg
– semiconductor and electrical components manufacturer
– used in dicing and performs the cutting of the silicon wafer
Specification SelectionSpecifications (Size)Qty
Fuse set (Glass)3.15A 250V1
USB memoryWith machine data 2GB1
LED lightMaximum rated current: 27mA1
Halogen lamp7.5V 50W1
Universal chuck table6-inch1
Torque screwdriver400cN・m1
Duct cuffs32
Duct hoses32.0 I.D. 2 m
76.4 I.D. 2 m
Pipe band32-35
Carbon brushFor 1.5kW spindle2
Locating pinFor chuck table1
Axis metal fixtureFor X-axis
For Y-axis
For Z-axis
1 set
Wheel coverFor 1.5kW spindle Centrifugal type (resin)1
Flange specification selectionHub specificationsHub blade demounting jig1
Wheel mount set for hub1
Flange dressing jig set1
Mounted flange dressing chip1 set
Wheel mount extraction jig set1
R-type flange specifications48.2 × 40.01
49.4 × 40.01
50.6 × 40.01
52.0 × 40.01
54.0 × 40.01
Flange A extraction jig set
・Flange dressing jig set
・Flange dressing chip
・Flange B removal jig set
・The left items are contained with the above flange part no. as the set.
・The dresser board is not included with shipment.
The dresser board varies depending on the blade type used. If you need the dresser board, consult your DISCO sales representative.
Attached manual selectionJapanese manualsSafety Manual
Installation Manual
Operation Manual
Data Maintenance Manual
Maintenance Manual
Technical Reference
English manuals1
Label selection: The
languages used for the labels on the machine
outer cover
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
・Rotating blade
・Moving parts
・Hot surface
・Hazardous voltage
・Line voltage always present

Tape Frame
Low-expansion spindle
2-inch Hub Mount Spare (For 1.5kW Spindle)
2-inch Hub Mount Jig (Spare)
R-type Flange Spare (For 1.5kW Spindle )
R-type Flange Jig (Spare)
Chuck Table for Tape Cutting
Maintenance Parts Kit
General Tool
Advanced Tool
Lifting Jig Set
Axis Metal Fixture (Spare)
Machine Fixation Anchor Metal
Braided Hose
Braided Hose Joint
Pipe Band
Non-Contact Setup
Abrasive Material for Non-Contact Setup Sensor
Blade Breakage Detector
Wheel Cover (SUS Type)
Transformer Unit for Overseas Use (Internal Type)
Power Cables
Uninterruptible Power Supply (Internal Type)
Booster Pump Unit
Water Leakage Sensor
Duct Fan Unit (Internal Type)
Water Temperature Control Unit
Duct Fan Unit (Internal Type)
Water Temperature Control Unit
Magnification of Microscope (Micro-magnification)
Macro-magnification Microscope
Halogen Lamp Two Light Sources Specification
Wheel Coolant (Shower) Flow Switch
Wheel Coolant (Blade Cooler) Flow Switch
Controller for the Wheel Coolant Water Flow Rate
Kerf Center Alignment Function
Slow-in Cutting Function
Measure Alignment Package
Ready for Large-size (Square) workpieces
Spare Manuals
Stainless Cover
USB Memory
Stylus Pen
Operation Control ScreenIndicates the directory name of the device data currently selected.
Indicates the device data No. currently selected.
Indicates the software version installed in the machine.
Indicates the machine management No. for DISCO.
Indicates the machine ID specified on the USER DEFINE DATA 1 screen
Touch panel A 15-type color LCD is employed to display alignment operation, cutting data, error messages, and other relevant information. It is also possible to operate the machine by directly touch the LCD.
Operation screens Easy operation is realized by adopting GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Displayed guidance
Can be selected from Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), or Chinese (Traditional).

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