Fully Automatic Dicing Saw DFD6361

Φ300 mm
Facing dual spindle
DBG (Dicing Before Grinding)
DFD6340 Operation flow
[1] Frame pick arm moves the workpiece from the cassette to the pre alignment stage → [2] After centering on the pre-alignment stage, the lower arm moves the workpiece to the chuck table → table → cutting → [3] Upper arm moves the workpiece to the spinner table → cleaning and drying → [4] Lower arm moves the workpiece to the pre-alignment stage → [5] Frame pick arm returns the workpiece to the cassette



Enhanced dicing throughput
The DFD6361 enhances throughput in two distinct ways. DISCO’s facing dual design and a reduction in distance between the blades help to control total cut time, while high-magnification microscopes (standard) and non-contact setup sensors (option) for both Z1 and Z2 reduce the time required for non-dicing sequences, such as kerf check and blade setup.

Consistent cut quality
DFD6361 offers highly consistent and dependable cut quality through the new Synchro Spindle™ featuring superior radial rigidity. An atomizing nozzle cleaning mechanism can also be installed in the spinner unit as an option to effectively clean wafers after dicing (Patent no.3410385).

Spindle lineup
The 1.2 kW spindle (standard) features superior rigidity. A center thrust design gives the 1.8 kW spindle (option, uses 2 ” blades) and the 2.2 kW spindle (option, uses 3 ” blades) extra rigidity for processing glass, ceramics, and other high processing load materials

Improved usability
Auto-open/close wheel cover and spindle shaft-lock feature make blade replacement quick and easy. In addition, the condition monitor relays processing status and key equipment information in real time. DFD6361 also has a cutting water flow rate control feature, making it possible to manage the flow rate on the screen. An adjustable LCD touch screen with GUI (Graphical User Interface) have also been adopted

Specificationsunit1.2, 1.8 kW2.2 kW
Max. workpiece sizemmΦ300
X-axisCutting rangemm310
Cutting speedmm/s0.1 ~ 600
Y1・Y2-axisCutting rangemm310
Index stepmm0.0001
Positioning accuracymmWithin 0.002/310
(Single error) Within 0.002/5
Z-axisMax. strokemm14.7 (For Φ2 inch blade)14.9(For Φ3 inch blade)
Moving resolutionmm0.00005
Repeatability accuracymm0.001
θ-axisMax. rotating angledeg380
SpindleRated torqueN.m0.19(1.2 kW)
0.29(1.8 kW)
Revolution speed rangemin‐16,000 ~ 60,0003,000 ~ 30,000

The spindle shaft-lock feature and auto-open/close wheel cover make blade changes easy and quick.

Condition monitoring functions relay processing status and key equipment information in real time.

The cutting water flow rate controller is programmable via the touch-panel display and sets the flow rate for each process recipe.
The easy-to-use graphical user interface is displayed on an adjustable touch-panel display.

Power supply200 ~ 240 V AC±10 %, 3-phase (50/60 Hz)
Power consumptionWhen processing 2.2 kW  (for reference) and During warm-up 1.8 kW (for reference
Max power6,9 kVA
Air pressure0,5 ~ 0,8 MPa
Air max consumption378,0 L / min (ANR)
Clean air pressure0,5 ~ 0,8 MPa
Clean air max. consumption265,0 L / min (ANR)
Pressure water cutting0,2 ~ 0,4 MPa
Max. flow rate Cutting water12 L / min
Pressure cooling water0,2 ~ 0,4 Mpa
Flow rate cooling water3.0 ở 0,3 MPa L / min
Exhaust duct capacity5,0 m3 / min
Machine dimensions1.200 x 1.550 x 1.800 mm
Machine weightApprox.2,050 (without transformer for overseas use)
Approx. 2,150 kg (with transformer for overseas use)
– semiconductor and electrical components manufacturer
– used in dicing and performs the cutting of the silicon wafer

Cassette and tape frame
High precision products to facilitate stable production from tape mounter to die bonder
Meets the ø300 mm wafer SEMI standard.

Automatic blade changer
Conducts blade change and resumes cutting fully automatically.
Minimizes the labour required and raises the utilization rate of the equipment.

Shorter set up time – two NCS* sensors
Two Non-Contact Setup sensors, one each for Z1 & Z2, enables increased throughput.



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