Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

The portable dry metal block temperature calibrator is used as temperature source and reference instrument for checking and calibrating of all kind of temperature measuring instruments, e.g. thermometer, thermostats, etc.




Temperature rangeAmbient temperatur up to +600°C
Resolution of display 0.01 / 0.1°C (display switchable °C/°F/K)
Stability of regulated temperature±0.05%°C at 450°C
Mean heating time20°C per minute
Mean cooling ?time25°C per minute
Uniformity (at 450°C)radial ±0.15°C; axial ±0.35°C
Accuracy of internal temperature measurement±0.3°C
Internal reference probeRTD Pt100 (3-wire)
Ventilationinternal, electronical driven/regulated
RAMP func?tion 0.1°C per minute
Dry blockdiameter 35 mm
depth 190 mm
material: copper
Test wells1 hole diameter 35 mm x depth 185 mm
Insert included1 insert with 5 drillings 3.5 / 4.5 / 6.5 / 8.5 / 12.5 mm;
Op?onal: inserts with 1 to 9 drillings 3.5…20 mm as per customers request, or blank insert, or insert with BLACK BODY and external reference probe.
Power supply230 VAC (op?onal: version for 115 VAC)
Power consump?on800 VA

NOTE: the stated accuracy is valid for ambient temperature +10…+40°C and is guaranteed for one year.

Dimension160 x 340 x 330 mm
Weight10.1 kg net (shipping weight: 18.2 kg)

Version PULSAR-35CU-2I:
With data acquisi?on card and two input devices to measure Pt100 (3-/4-wire, -100…+700°C, ±0.3°C), TC type J (0…1000°C, ±1°C) and TC types K/N/R/S (0…1300°C, ±1°C)
• for mobile or sta?onary use
• micro processor controlled (PID)
• Thermostat test feature

The calibrator runs on a voltage of 230 Vac (115V by request), 50/60Hz.

A 2.5mt. cable is supplied with the calibrator fitted with 2 conductors plus earth. Make sure that the plant is earthen correctly before switching the instrument on.

Calibration and checking of all kind of thermometer
Calibration and checking of thermostats
Computer aided calibra?tion via RS232 interface

INSERT-PULSAR-01Insert with Black Body for the calibration of Infrared Thermometer, high emission grade
inner diameter 26 mm, depth 70 mm
INSERT-PULSAR-02Insert with Black Body for the calibration of Infrared Thermometer, high emission grade
inner diameter 26 mm, depth 140 mm
BB-SENSOR-01External reference probe for black body insert, Pt 100, 3 mm, Class A
REF-T-SENSOR-PTExternal high precision reference probe Pt 100
Range -100…+670°C, TK: 0.003850 1/K; Stability <40 mK,
Diameter 6.35 mm, Length 450 mm; Protection tube made in Inconel
4-wire connection, incl. 2 m PTFE cable
DKD-T-KAL-PTDAkkS certificate of calibration for REF-T-SENSOR-PT
RTAB-T-KAL-PTCalculation of constants for REF-T-SENSOR-PT
RTAB2-T-KAL-PTCalculation of constants with table of values for REF-T-SENSOR-PT
PULSAR-35CU-INS-0Blank insert without drilling
PULSAR-35CU-INS-5Insert with 5 drillings 3.5/5.0/6.5/8.5/12.5 mm diam. (this insert is included in scope of standard delivery)
INS-PULSAR-02Insert with 1-2 customer specific drillings 3.5…20 mm
INS-PULSAR-03Insert with 3 customer specific drillings 3.5…20 mm
INS-PULSAR-04Insert with 4 customer specific drillings 3.5…20 mm
INS-PULSAR-05Insert with 5 customer specific drillings 3.5…20 mm
INS-PULSAR-06Insert with 6 customer specific drillings 3.5…20 mm
INS-PULSAR-09Insert with 7-9 customer specific drillings 3.5…7 mm
TEMPKAL-TASCHESoft shoulder bag
TEMPKAL-KOFFERAluminium case
PC-Software LR-Cal AQ2spWith the so?ware AQ2sp it is possible to remote- control the calibrator via PC. Automa?cic or manual calibra?tion of one or more test items, stress tests, thermostat tests, prin?ting of calibrati?on cer?ficates.


Brochure bb-insert

AQ2sp software
Temperature sensor calibration:
Automatic calibration routine for all type of temperature sensors with advanced features such reference sensor stabilization, time-calibration data are automatically populated and stored for printing report. This procedure can also be ran in manual mode to allow the operator to manually enter the data. This is particular useful when calibrating temperature device such as digital thermometer or analogue  thermometers.
Stress test:
Simply set MAX and MIN value and the software will run an automatic stress test on single sensor or a batch.
Advance thermostat calibration:
Simply set the open and close temperature limits, type of thermostat, typ of test and the software will automatically run the test.

Brochure aq2sp

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