Dry Blocks and Portable Baths Hyperion

The Hyperion have large calibration volumes,, which makes them ideal to use as portable liquid baths for high accuracy calibration of awkwardly shaped sensors.
Stirred liquid baths are suitable for temperature sensors of all types, sizes and shapes. Liquid Baths can provide smaller calibration uncertainties than dry blocks and when used with suitable reference thermometers, accuracies of up to 0.005°C can be achieved.



+ 65mm Volume: Ideal Liquid Bath

+ Multi Function: Six Modes including Dry Block and Liquid Bath

+ Calibrate entire measurement loop – using a heat source rather than an electrical simulator, a test instrument and sensor can be calibrated as a system

– Temperature Range:-25°C to 140°C
ADVANCED RangeStability:
– Dry Block/ Liquid Bath: ‘±0.005°C
– Display Resolution:0.001°C over whole range
– Input Channel Accuracy:Thermocouple: E, J, K, N: ±0.2°C @ 660°C R: ±0.6°C S: ±0.7°C @ 660°C T: ±0.2°C @ 150°C
– CJC Accuracy:±0.35°C
– Input Channel Accuracy:RTD: ±0.05°C ±0.005% RDG
– Heating Time:-20°C to 140°C: 40 Mins
– Cooling Time:140°C to 20°C: 90 Mins, 20°C to -25°C: 80 Mins
– Insert Size:65 x 160mm
– Insert TypesStandard 8 x 8mm + 2 x 4.5mm, Undrilled or Custom Drilled
– Dimensions:384H (including handle) x 212W x 312D mm
 12kg– Weight:
– Digital Display of Set and Nominal Block Temperature:Yes
– PC Interface:Ethernet + USB Host
– Test Thermostats:Yes – Two Inputs
– Independent Temperature Indicator for Reference Probe: Yes
– Additional Inputs for Units Under Test: Up to 3: Two universal
– Automatic Temperature Cycling: Yes
– Data Logging:Yes – Export to USB
Power supply:115 or 230Vac 50/60Hz 200 Watts

Calibrating Odd-Shaped Probes

+ Digital Display of Set and Nominal Block Temperature
+ Inbuilt three channel indicator for reference probe and units under test
+ Advanced features including automatic Temperature Cycling
and Logging
+ Best Practice calibration with established traceability and uncertainty

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