ZEISS GeminiSEM 360

The name ZEISS GeminiSEM stands for effortless i maging with sub-nanometer resolution for your most demanding materials and life science projects. Combine high detection efficiency with excellent analytical performance to achieve subnanometer resolution below 1 kV without requiring an immersion lens. Three unique designs for the Gemini electron-optical column and a large, flexible new chamber cover all your imaging and analytical needs.



Your Tool for Sample Flexibility
+ GeminiSEM 360 is the ideal instrument for a core facility, delivering maximum versatility for materials & life science, and industry.
+ The eponymous electron optical design Gemini 1 brings you the benefit of surface sensitive, high resolution images providing excellent resolution at low voltage and great speed at high probe current.
+ Gather high resolution, surface- and compositional information, even on sensitive samples by using Inlens secondary and backscatter electron imaging simultaneously.
+ When aiming to image non-conducting samples under lower vacuum, so-called variable pressure, there is no need to forgo Inlens contrast: NanoVP guarantees maximum versatility enabling Inlens imaging without charging.

Unrivalled User Experience
+ GeminiSEM 360 delivers exceptional user experience: With its wide field of view and new, highly configurable chamber, it’s easy to interrogate even very large samples.
+ Enjoy seamless navigation with contextual image viewing and correlative microscopy via ZEISS ZEN Connect.
+ Gain clear, crisp images easily by using autofunctions e.g. the patented autofocus and smart detectors.
+ Perform both imaging and analytical workflows efficiently with diametrically opposite EDS ports and a coplanar EDS/EBSD geometry.
+ Maximize system uptime with ZEISS Predictive Service and benefit from scheduled maintenance to take place when you are ready.

Exceptional Capability Extension
+ Upgradability is essential for protecting your investment. That‘s why GeminiSEM 360 is plugged into the software ecosystem of ZEISS ZEN core.
+ Draw on ZEN Connect to combine multimodal and multiscale data, ZEN Intellesis for advanced AI- powered segmentation, and ZEN’s analytical modules for reporting and analysis of segmented data. ZEN data storage lets you manage projects centrally by connecting data from different instruments in your lab.
+ Access workflows and scripts created by other users who can help you solve challenges by being a member of the APEER community.
+ Improve your system as new capabilities are released thanks to a clear upgrade ability path.

– Resolution:0.6 nm @ 30 kV (STEM), 0.7 nm @ 15 kV, 1.0 nm @ 1 kV TD,  1.2 nm @ 1kV
– Inlens BSE Resolution: 1.2 nm @ 1 kV
– Resolution in NanoVP mode (30 Pa): 1.4 nm @ 3 kV, 1.0 nm @ 15 kV
– Probe Current: 3 pA – 20 nA (100 nA configuration also available)
– Maximum field of view in high resolution mode: 5 mm at 5 kV and WD = 8.5 mm
– Magnification: 8 – 2,000,000

ZEISS GeminiSEM 360 with Gemini 1 Electron Optics
• Forms the center of your core facility
• Spanning over applications and sample types
• Gemini 1 and single condenser
• Providing industry leading high resolution at low kV

Leverage comprehensive sample characterization with two unique Inlens detectors configured in parallel.

Configure your instrument tailored to your needs thanks to the versatile chamber.


Perform multimodal experiments with ZEN Connect and understand your specimens completely.


Materials Sciences
+ Nanoscience & Nanomaterials

+ Energy Materials

+ Bio-inspired Materials, Polymers and Catalysts

+ Microscopy Solutions for Industry

Electronics and Semiconductor
+ Semiconductor Device Design and Failure Analysis

Life Sciences
+ Characterization of topology
+ Imaging sensitive, non-conductive, outgassing, or low contrast samples
+ Visualizing the ultrastructure of cells, tissues etc. at high resolutions
+ Imaging very large areas such as serial sections or block faces

ZEN Connect: Module to organize and align image data in a correlative workspace
ZEN Connect 2D Add on: Module for an automated correlative 2D workflow that overlays data of light microscopes and SEMs
ZEN Automated Imaging: SEM image acqusition within the workspace of ZEN Connect to set up regions using predefined protocols
ZEN Intellesis: Module for machine learning based image segmentation
ZEN Data Storage: Central database accessible from any microscope or analysis workstation
3DSM (3 dimensional surface modeling): Module for real time three dimensional surface modeling

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