ZEISS GeminiSEM 560

Raises the bar for surface-sensitive, distortion-free, high resolution imaging and lets you image below 1 kV easily.



The New Standard in Surface Imaging
+ GeminiSEM 560 raises the bar for surface-sensitive, distortion-free, high resolution imaging and lets you image below 1 kV easily.
+ Magnetic field-free imaging of samples with sub 1 nm resolution below 1 kV – without the need for sample biasing or monochromation is enabled by Gemini 3 which includes the Nano-twin lens and the new electron optical engine Smart Autopilot.
+ Achieve images of non-conducting, vacuum- sensitive material with a new variable pressure mode and detection system: ensure fast results and preserve features by bringing vacuum-sensitive specimens into the chamber through the new Gentle Airlock in VP mode.
+ Analyze delicate samples with ease by leveraging the new, large chamber with dual EDS ports. Produce fast, shadow-free mapping ensured by an optimum detector solid angle.

Expert Knowledge Integrated
+ Imaging of challenging samples is now accelerated by the new electron optical engine Smart Autopilot.
+ Perform easy sample navigation by leveraging the greatly increased system’s field of view.
Smart Autopilot lets you save time while making lengthy alignments obsolete: the engine drives the electron optics to provide magnifications from less than 1× up to 500kx, taking care of alignment, calibration and focus along the way.
+ Smart Autopilot includes a new patented parallax autofocus and a new auto-wobble that provide you with clear, crisp images within seconds.
+ Python scripting is able to use these features in automated workflows such as 3D STEM tomography.

Experience Unique Contrast
+ Finding the sweet spot in your working conditions means that you’ve selected exactly the right combination of parameters to achieve the perfect image: the trick is finding it.
+ Gemini column technology with its magnetic field-free imaging and its new Gemini 3 column enables you to find these sweet spots and discover new information from your sample.
+ Magnetic contrast imaging is easy for GeminiSEM 560 with a magnetic field on the sample of less than 2 mT.
+ Perform energy spectroscopic imaging with the energy-selective Inlens back-scatter detector while simultaneously incorporating electron angular spectroscopic imaging, with the annular backscatter detector.
+ Bring all of your data together with ZEN Connect to segment and report on your findings with ease.

– Resolution:0.4 nm @ 30 kV (STEM), 0.5 nm@ 15 kV, 0.7 nm @ 1 kV TD, 0.8 nm @ 1 kV, 1.0 nm @ 500 V
– Inlens BSE Resolution: 1.0 nm @ 1 kV.
– Resolution in NanoVP mode (30 Pa): 1.4 nm @ 3 kV, 1.0 nm @ 15 kV
– Probe Current:3 pA – 20 nA (100 nA configuration also available)
– Maximum field of view in high resolution mode: 1.6 mm at 1 kV and WD = 7 mm
– Maximum field of view in overview mode: 5.6 mm at 15 kV and WD = 8.5 m, 130 mm at max. WD (ca. 50 mm).
– Magnification: 1 – 2,000,000

ZEISS GeminiSEM 560 with Gemini 3 Electron Optics
– Your tool for ultimate sub-nanometer surface sensitive characterization
– Delivers the highest resolution in the family at all working conditions
– Gemini 3 with Nano-twin lens & Smart Auto-pilot
– Delivering sweet spots specifically for unique contrast imaging


Materials Sciences
+ Nanoscience & Nanomaterials

+ Energy Materials

+ Bio-inspired Materials, Polymers and Catalysts

+ Microscopy Solutions for Industry

Electronics and Semiconductor
+ Semiconductor Device Design and Failure Analysis

Life Sciences
+ Characterization of topology
+ Imaging sensitive, non-conductive, outgassing, or low contrast samples
+ Visualizing the ultrastructure of cells, tissues etc. at high resolutions
+ Imaging very large areas such as serial sections or block faces

ZEN Connect: Module to organize and align image data in a correlative workspace
ZEN Connect 2D Add on: Module for an automated correlative 2D workflow that overlays data of light microscopes and SEMs
ZEN Automated Imaging: SEM image acqusition within the workspace of ZEN Connect to set up regions using predefined protocols
ZEN Intellesis: Module for machine learning based image segmentation
ZEN Data Storage: Central database accessible from any microscope or analysis workstation
3DSM (3 dimensional surface modeling): Module for real time three dimensional surface modeling

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