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Technical SpecificationSUN2000-100KTL-M1
Max. Efficiency98.8% @480 V; 98.6% @380 V / 400 V
European Efficiency98.6% @480 V; 98.4% @380 V / 400 V
Max. Input Voltage1,100 V
Max. Current per MPPT26 A
Max. Short Circuit Current per MPPT40 A
Start Voltage200 V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range200 V ~ 1,000 V
Rated Input Voltage600 V @380 V / 400 V; 720 V @480 V
Number of Inputs20
Number of MPP Trackers10
Rated AC Active Power100,000 W (380 V / 400 V / 480 V @40°C)
Max. AC Apparent Power110,000 VA
Max. AC Active Power (cosφ=1)110,000 W
Rated Output Voltage220 V / 230 V, default 3W + N + PE; 380 V / 400 V / 480 V, 3W + PE
Rated AC Grid Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated Output Current152.0 A @380 V; 144.4 A @400 V; 120.3 A @480 V
Max. Output Current168.8 A @380 V; 160.4 A @400 V; 133.7 A @480 V
Adjustable Power Factor Range0.8 LG … 0.8 LD
Max. Total Harmonic Distortion<3%
Input-side Disconnection DeviceYes
Anti-islanding ProtectionYes
AC Overcurrent ProtectionYes
DC Reverse-polarity ProtectionYes
PV-array String Fault MonitoringYes
DC Surge ArresterType II
AC Surge ArresterType II
DC Insulation Resistance DetectionYes
Residual Current Monitoring UnitYes
DisplayLED Indicators, WLAN/Bluetooth + APP
Management BUS (MBUS)Yes (isolation transformer required)
Dimensions (W x H x D)1,035 x 700 x 365mm (40.7 x 27.6x 14.4 inch)
Weight (with mounting plate)85 kg (187.4 lb.)
Operating Temperature Range-25°C ~ 60°C (-13°F ~ 140°F)
Cooling MethodForced Air Cooling
Max. Operating Altitude5,000 m (16,404 ft.); de-rating above 4,000 m (13,123 ft.)
Relative Humidity0 ~ 100%
DC ConnectorStaubli MC4
AC ConnectorOT Terminal
Protection DegreeIP66
Standard Compliance (more available upon request)
Grid CodeTBC

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