Inverter 33KW Energy ABB

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Input (DC)PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD
Absolute maximum DC input voltage (Vmax,abs)1100 V
Start-up DC input voltage (Vstart)610 V
Operating DC input voltage range (Vdcmin…Vdcmax)580 to 950 V
Rated DC input voltage (Vdcr)580 V
Rated DC input power (Pdcr)33 700 W
Number of independent MPPT1
MPPT input DC voltage range (VMPPTmin…VMPPTmax) at Pacr580 to 850 V
Maximum DC input current (Idcmax)/for each MPPT (IMPPTmax)58 A
Maximum input short circuit current for each MPPT80 A
Number of DC inputs pairs for each MPPT1 in standard and -S version/8 in -SX version
DC connection typeTool-less PV connector Phoenix Sunclix on -SX version/screw terminal block on standard and -S version
Input protection
Reverse polarity protectionInverter protection only, from limited current source, via short-circuit diode and for fused -SX model
when more than 2 strings are connected.
Input over voltage protection for each MPPT –
varistor (-/S) version
Input over voltage protection –
plug in modular surge arrester (-SX version)
3 (Class II)
Photovoltaic array isolation controlAccording to local standard
DC switch rating for each MPPT (version with DC switch58 A/1000 V, 50 A/1200 V
Fuse rating (versions with fuses )15 A/1100 V
Output side
AC grid connection typeThree phase 3W or 4W+PE
Rated AC power (Pacr @cosφ>0.99 )33 000 W
Maximum apparent power (Smax)33 000 VA
Rated AC grid voltage (Vac,r)400 V
AC voltage range320 to 480 V
Maximum AC output current (Iac,max)50.3 A
Contributory fault current50.3 A
Rated output frequency (fr)50 Hz / 60 Hz
Output frequency range (fmin…fmax)47…53 Hz / 57…63 Hz
Nominal power factor and adjustable range> 0.995, with Pacr = 33.0 kW, adj. ± 0.9 with Pacr =29.7 kW, adj. ± 0 to 1 with S = 33.0 kVA
Total current harmonic distortion< 3%
AC connection typeFixed plug type connector
Output protection
Anti-islanding protectionAccording to local standard
Maximum AC overcurrent protection50.3 A
Output overvoltage protection – varistor5
Operating performance
Maximum efficiency (ηmax)98.30%
Maximum efficiency (ηmax)98.0%/98.1%
Feed in power threshold< 1 W
Stand-by consumption< 20 W
Remote monitoringVSN700 Data logger (opt.)
User interfaceDetachable graphical display
Ambient temperature range-25 to +60°C /-13 to 140°F with derating above 45°C/113°F
Relative humidity0…100% condensing
Noise emission< 67 dB(A) @ 1 m
Maximum operating altitude without derating2000 m / 6560 ft
Environmental protection ratingIP 65 (IP54 fans)
Dimension (H x W x D)740 x 520 x 300 mm/29.1″ x 20.5″ x 11.8
Weight< 66.0 kg/146 lb (standard version)
Mounting systemWall bracket
Isolation levelTransformerless
MarkingCE, RCM mark
Safety and EMC standardEN 62109-1, EN 62109-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-11, EN 61000-3-12
Grid standard (check your sales channel for availability)CEI 0-21, CEI 0-16, VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105, G59/3, VDE 0126-1-1/A1 VFR2014,
PPC Greece, MEA, PEA, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, EN 50438, AS4777/AS3100, RD1699/RD661
(check from sales for additional grid standards)
Available products variants
With DC switchPRO-33.0-TL-OUTD-S-400
With DC+AC switch, fuse and surge arresterPRO-33.0-TL-OUTD-SX-400

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