Mask Aligner – MJB4

Easy to use and compact in size the SUSS MicroTec MJB4 represents the perfect system for laboratories and small volume production. As an inexpensive photolithography solution the MJB4 has set industry standards specifically for processing of small substrates and pieces up to 100 mm. Equipped with a reliable, high precision mask alignment and high resolution printing capability in the submicron range the MJB4 demonstrates a performance unsurpassed by any comparable machine.

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The universal optics option (UV 250 / 300 / 400) for fast switching between different wavelengths

Fast and accurate alignment with SUSS Singlefield or Splitfield Microscope

SUSS MO Exposure Optics (MOEO) for excellent light uniformity, customized illumination and source mask optimization

High resolution printing down to 0.5µm

Wafer and substrate handling up to 100 mm

Upgradable with a UV nanoimprint lithography toolkit

Optional UV-LED light source

Wafer Size1 up to 100 mm / 4″” (round)
Max. Substrate Size100 x 100 mm
Min. Pieces5 x 5 mm
Wafer Thicknessup to 4 mm
Mask Sizestandard 2″” x 2″” up to 5″” x 5″” (SEMI)
Mask Thicknessup to 4.8 mm / 190 mil
Contact: soft, hard, vacuum, soft vacuum
Vacuum contactadjustable to 200 mbar abs
Gap exposure,adjustable gap 10 – 50 µm
Flood exposure, split exposure
Lamp control modes: constant power, constant intensity
Top Side Alignment (TSA) Accuracy< 0.5 µm (with SUSS recommended wafer targets)
Transmitted Infrared Alignment (IR) Accuracy< 5 µm (2 µm under special process conditions)
Alignment Gap10 – 50 µm
MA Movement RangeX: ± 5 mm Y: ± 5 mm Theta: ± 5°
Mechanical ResolutionX, Y: 0.1 µm  Theta: 4 x 10-5°
Topside Microscope (TSA)
Movement RangeX: ± 40 mm
Y: + 30 – 50 mm
Theta: ± 4°
PHYSICAL DIMENSIONSWidth x Depth x Height: 605 x 810 mmx 660 mm
Weight up to 130 kg (290 kg with antivibration table)


allows for extremely quick changeover between different wafer sizes. Only chuck and maskholder need to be exchanged, which are easy accessible to the operator. Trained operators can do the wafer size changeover in less than five minutes.
EASY SOFTWARE With its ergonomic operation and its touch panel based user interface the MJB4 is very easy to operate and only requires minimum operator training.
SMALL FOOTPRINT In the MJB4, maximum functionality is packaged into minimal space. With a footprint of less than 0.5 m2 , the MJB4 requires only minimum cleanroom space.
Where lithographic processes require the alignment of structures on only one side of the device wafer (e.g. RDL, micro-bumping and similar techniques), top-side alignment is used to align the fiducials on the mask with those of the wafer. Depending on the substrate properties, this can be achieved either using stored position data for the wafer or through live image alignment, as with the DirectAlign® system invented by SUSS MicroTec.
Mask aligner for the highest level of alignment precision
Clear and stable pattern recognition even under poor contrast conditions
Infrared Alignment
Multilayer wafer stacks are used in a number of structuring processes. The alignment marks that are normally embedded between the layers can be identified and aligned via infrared (IR) illumination. This requires the use of materials that are transparent for IR light, such as undoped silicon, III-V semiconductors (e.g. GaAs) and adhesives for temporary bonding and debonding techniques.
The SUSS equipment can be optionally equipped with powerful IR light sources and high-performance camera systems, ensuring optimal IR availability.
Soft contact:The lower the exposure gap from mask to wafer, the higher the resolution. In soft contact mode, the wafer is brought into contact with the mask and is fixed onto the chuck with vacuum.
Hard contact: The lower the exposure gap from mask to wafer, the higher the resolution. In soft contact mode, the wafer is brought into contact with the mask and is fixed onto the chuck with vacuum.
Vacuum contact: In this mode, a vacuum is drawn between mask and substrate during exposure. This results in a high resolution of < 0.8 µm.
HR and LGO optics: The large gap optics (LGO) optics is optimized for thick resist processes with large exposure gaps and 3D lithography, offering a resolution down to 5μm. The high resolution optics (HR) is apt for contact and close proximity lithography with structures down to 3μm at 20μm exposure gap. For processes with high dose requirements on 150 mm wafers the exceptionally high intensity of the W150 HR optics facilitates high throughput.
Diffraction-Reducing Optics: Diffraction-reducing exposure optics are designed to compensate for diffraction effects in both contact and proximity lithography. Instead of using a plane wave as in other proximity lithography tools, it provides an angular spectrum of planar light waves to reduce diffraction effects. The selection of a proper angular spectrum improves structure resolution in the resist.
The optional UV-LED light source concept of the MJB4 is
highly efficient – UV-LED light sources reach many times the service life of conventional mercury vapor lamps. Moreover, they no longer need to warm up and cool down since the LED is only switched on during exposure. These factors significantly contribute to comparatively low energy consumption.
SUSS mask aligners are equipped with an enhanced WEC head system providing additional functionality. By direct and instant gap measurement during the stacking process, the parallelism between substrate and substrate, mask or stamp is reached with micrometric precision. This enables significant improvements in resolution compared to mechanical gap measurement.


Power Supply
Power Voltage:AC 230 V ± 10 %
Frequency:  50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz
Vacuum:  – 0.8 bar
Compressed Air: 5.5 bar
Nitrogen:1.5 bar
antivibration table
Clean room: Class 1000
The MJB4 Mask Aligner from SUSS MicroTec is the perfect system for research institutes, universities and small volume production. Easy to use and compact in size, the SUSS MJB4 has set industry standards specifically for processing of small wafers /substrates or pieces and offers an ideal and cost-effective solution for customers with limited budgets.
The MJB4 is used for lithography of LED
Microfluidics device
Piezo motor for MEMS applications
Structures with steep sidewalls manufactured in 100 to 200 µm thick SU8 resist
Reliable submicron patterning with MJB4 diffraction reducing optics. 0.6 µm resolution at 0.8 µm resist thickness
UV-NIL (ultraviolet nano-imprint lithography) is a low-costsolution for replicating structures in small areas with resolution as low as a few nanometers. With UV-NIL technology, a rigid quartz stamp transfers structures onto a UV-sensitive resist coating on the substrate. Afterwards the material cures under exposure to UV light. The mask aligner platform comprehensively supports the printing process with wedge error compensation that enables precise levelling of the substrate to the stamp, which is fundamental to imprint uniformity. Stamp and substrate can also be accurately aligned. The setup allows for precise control of all crucial process parameters such as pressure, distance and speed making the tool extremely versatile and ideal for research and development. Additional tooling is also suited to producing in-house low-cost test stamps with sub-micrometric resolution. UV-NIL technology by SUSS MicroTec delivers a valuable solution for developing of next-generation semiconductor, MEMS / NEMS and opto-electronic technology and is the ideal starter kit for Research.
+ Easy handling, especially suited to university
+ Alignment in submicron resolution
+ High leveling precision for good residual layer
+ Control of printing parameters via recipe editor
+ Long-life quartz stamp provides high resolution
Mask holderfor Mask  2×2, 5×5 “
Wafer Chuckfor wafer from 1″ to 4″
Ojective“Magnification is selectable
Single Objective UMPL FL 5X/0.15
Single Objective UMPL FL 10X/0.30”
Lab Simulation SoftwareA simulation of lithographic processes makes the selection of optimal settings for process parameters possible without long-winded trial and error sessions. The multi-functional simulation software of lithographic processes “Lab”, which SUSS MicroTec distributes together with the supplier, GenISys, first and foremost allows the operator better process control. It offers all the required simulation functionality for an integrated design and process development, as well as verification and optimization. At the same time it covers all the process steps from illumination shaping and mask layout optimization up to photo resist processing. Additionally, modern 3D simulation functions improve the model visualizations.
 Nanoimprint LithographyImprint lithography represents a cost-effective and highly reliable means of transferring three-dimensional nano- or micro-scale patterns onto a wide variety of substrates.
For the imprint, a stamp is brought into contact with a photosensitive material on the substrate. The photoresist fills out the three-dimensional pattern of the stamp and then solidifies under UV light. Parameters such as pattern topography, structure resolution and aspect ratio have a considerable influence on the process quality.
Mask aligner
Integrated software
Software easy to use,  user interface friendly
Mask and wafer alignment control, simulator included
Creating and saving Recipe and parameters
Automatic warning when there is an error


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