Portable High Volume Air Sampler

The model is a compact and transportable sampler for Industrial hygiene built to sample at a suction flow rate of 100 to 800L/min.
It has various features and has many attachments for various uses.
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor: Silicone sensor.
Suction Pump: Brushless blower rated for 5,000 hours of use.

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Purpose of UseDioxin Sampling
Standard Suction Flow Rate800L/min.
Configurable Flow Rate Range100 to 800L/min.
Accuracy of Constant Flow RateWithin ±5% of the set flow rate
Flow Rate DetectionDifferential pressure detection method
Flow Rate Compensation20°C and 1 atmosphere correction, 25°C and 1 atmosphere correction, or actual flow rate
Outside Air Temperature SensorSemiconductor sensor
Atmospheric Pressure SensorSilicone sensor
Suction PumpBrushless blower rated for 5,000 hours of use
Filter Paper8” x 10” rectangular
Urethane Foamø90 x 50mm
DisplayTouch panel LCD (with backlit)
Recording FunctionThe past 5 sampling results can be checked on the sampler
Recording ItemSampling clock, Integrating time, Integrating flow rate, Set flow rate, Average flow rate, Outside air temperature and Error
Error ItemsPower, Flow rate, Pressure, Blower
Dimensions(W x D x H)833 x 310 x 271mm

Compactly-designed body for measuring the work environment
Constant-flow system will stabilize the flow rate.
Touch panel LCD with backlight.
Brushless motor will not generate aerosol which could affect the result.
Optional shuttle tube can be fitted for Dioxin sampling.
Can be calibrated by an orifice flow-meter.
Correction system for standard conditions.
(20 °C/1 atm. correction, 25 °C/1 atm. correction, 0 °C/1 atm. correction, or actual flow rate)
Power SupplyAC180V to 253V, 50/60Hz, 5A
Operating Temperature Range0 to 40℃


Filter clip, Glass fiber filter ø110mm GB-100R-110A 10pcs
Shuttle tube
Shuttle tube fitting set
Polyurethane foam10pcs
Quartz fiber filter QR-10010pcs
Rectangular filter holder
Short holder setSUS case × 1, Removal fixture × 1, PTFE packing × 1
Short urethane holder (not including urethane) × 1
Particle size selector, SPM10 μm , 100 % cut (SPM)
Particle size selector, PM44 μm , 50 % cut
Particle size selector, PM2.52.5 μm , 50 % cut
Particle size selector, PM1010 μm, 50 % cut
Filter case (Circular)For ø110mm Circular filter, 5pcs
Filter case (Rectangular)For 8″ × 10″ rectangle filter
Leak check rubber plate (Circular)For ø110mm Circular
Leak check rubber plate (Rectangular)For 8″ × 10″ rectangle
Digital orifice flow meter (for calibration)OFD-1


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