3D Optical profilometer ContourX-100

The ContourX-100 Optical Profilometer sets a new benchmark for accurate and repeatable non-contact surface metrology at a best-in-class price point. The small footprint system offers uncompromised 2D/3D high-resolution measurement capabilities in a streamlined package that incorporates decades of proprietary Bruker white light interferometry (WLI) innovation. Next-generation enhancements include a new 5 MP camera and updated stage for larger stitching capabilities, and a new measurement mode, USI, for even greater convenience and flexibility for precision machined surfaces, thick films, and tribology applications. You will not find a benchtop system with better value than the ContourX-100.

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Industry-best Z resolution
Offers constant, precision measurements, independent of magnification.

Unmatched metrology value
Delivers streamlined design without compromised measurement capabilities.

User-friendly software interface
Provides intuitive access to an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses.

– Max. Scan Range ≤10 mm
– Vertical Resolution<0.01 nm
– Step Height Accuracy<0.75%
– Step Height Repeatability<0.1% 1 sigma repeatability
– Max Scan37 μm/sec (with standard camera)
– Sample Height:≤100 mm (4 in.)
– XY Sample Stage150 mm (6 in.) manual stage
– Z Focusing100 mm (4 in.)
– ObjectivesParfocal: 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 115X; LWD: 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 5X,10X; TTM: 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X; Bright Field: 2.5X, w5X, 10X, 50X
– CameraMonochrome (standard) or color (optional); 5 MP with 1200×1000 data array
– CalibrationVia NIST/PTB traceable step height and lateral ruler standards
– System Footprint451 mm (W) x 533 mm (D) x 754 mm (H)
– Weight 60 kg

Unparalleled Metrology
The ContourX-100 profiler is the culmination of over four decades of proprietary optical innovation and industry leadership in non-contact surface metrology, characterization, and imaging. The system utilizes 3D WLI and 2D imaging technology for multiple analyses in a single acquisition. ContourX-100 is robust in all surface situations from 0.05% to 100% reflectivity.

Unmatched Value and Analysis
With thousands of customized analyses and Bruker’s simple and powerful VisionXpress™ and Vision64® user interfaces, the ContourX-100 benchtop is optimized for productivity in both labs and on factory floors. The hardware and software combine to provide streamlined access to top high-throughput optical performance, completely outclassing comparable metrology technologies.


Precision machined surfaces
Thick films

AcuityXR® combines unique, patent-pending Bruker hardware and software technology to enable select Contour 3D optical surface profilers to break the optical diffraction limit and deliver lateral resolutions previously considered unattainable with conventional optical microscopy techniques. It works on smooth surfaces where the phase of the reflected light is used to calculate surface height from the white-light-interferometric signal, improving sharpness, clarity, and definition of scratches, defects, and surface texture. Additionally, dimensional repeatability on nanoscale structures is improved by a factor of 5X.


Upgrade Your Optical Profiler
Maximize your productivity with system hardware and software upgrades

– Hardware Upgrades
+ Computer Upgrade
The new Dell Precision computer with Windows 10 and the latest version of Vision64, version 5.70 enables new measurement capabilities, improved security, and enhanced remote support.

+ Automated FOV
The three position automated FOV allows quick swapping of FOV lenses from your computer.

+ Motorized XY Stage
The 6-inch automated XY stage enables stitching and stage automation.

+ High-Resolution Cameras
Bruker offers a selection of color and monochrome cameras to meet your application needs.

+ Automated 5-Position Turret
The automated five-position turret provides quick, efficient switching of objectives and adds objective parcentricity when used with a motorized XY stage. For use with all Bruker par-focal objectives.

+ Objectives and FOV Lenses
Increase capability of your optical profiler with Bruker objectives and FOV lenses. Bruker offers objectives with 1.5x to 115x magnifications.


– Software Upgrades
+ AcuityXR Enhanced Resolution Measurement Mode
The AcuityXR measurement mode enhances the lateral resolution when using PSI (Phase Shifting Interferometry) or VXI measurement modes with the benefit of maintaining an equivalent field of view at higher resolution. It combines unique, patent-pending, hardware and software technology to enable select 3D Optical Surface Profilers to break the optical diffraction limit and deliver lateral resolutions that are traditionally unattainable with conventional interferometry techniques.

– Optical Metrology Module: Optional automated or manual turret; Optional motorized or manual discrete modules

– Camera: color

Vision64 and VisionXpress Analysis Software on Windows 10 OS; 64-bit

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